Presidential Debate Reaction: It Was Partisan and Chaotic


SAN ANGELO, TX – Reaction in San Angelo and on social media to the Presidential Debate has been predictable.  Republicans still support President Trump and Democrats still support former Vice President Biden.  Almost all response has been that the debate was chaotic.

Tom Green County Republican Party Chairman Jeff Betty released the following statement to San Angelo Live!:

"I regret the loss of civility, but given the nature of the conflict it is clear that we must forgive incivility in favor of truth. Nothing could haver demonstrated the ruthlessness of the leftists better that the tactics they have employed these last four years.  From the savage attacks on Justice Bret Kavanaugh through the insanity of the Russian Collusion Hoax to the riots and attacks on law enforcement, clearly we must set aside our gentler natures and fight with everything at our disposal to protect and defend this nation and our way of life.  I admit to having been reticent to entrust the leadership of that defense to President Trump at first but clearly he is the right man for the job.  Last night's debate was just another proof that we can trust President Trump to do everything in his power to defend our lives, our freedom and support all Americans in their pursuit of happiness."

Social media posts say President Trump was aggressive and talked over Biden and moderator Chris Wallace.  Biden called Trump a clown.  At one point Wallace said, “Gentlemen, you realize you’re both speaking at the same time?”

On climate change and the Green New Deal, Trump said Biden distanced himself from the left and, “He just lost the left, you just lost the left.”

Biden said Trump has failed in his response to the Coronavirus pandemic; "He's been totally irresponsible the way in which he has handled the social distancing and people wearing masks, basically encouraged him not to," Biden said. "Alright, he's a fool."

The Vice Presidential debate is next on Oct. 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The next Presidential debate is set for Oct. 15 in Miami, Florida.

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"I regret the loss of civility" - bullshit. You thrive on it because it energizes a portion of your base in the same way rioting energizes a portion of the radical left.

For the record, the debate wasnt partisan. It may have seen that way because, tRump kept trying to talk over Biden. He had his 2 minutes, but apparently he cant tell time. He was advised of the prior agreement to the guidelines of which to abide by. It was wrong for Biden to call tRump a clown. I give you that. He should have called him an "ORANGE CLOWN"

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