C.J. Luckey's Charge


SAN ANGELO, TX — A charismatic San Angelo youth pastor gambles that he can add his positive voice to quell division within the San Angelo community. He is hosting an event on the Concho River Saturday starting at 11 a.m. called “Building Relationships Increasing Community Connections,” or B.R.I.C.C. Luckey’s stated goal of the event is to “bring unity” to the San Angelo community by encouraging action on the part of citizens to work towards making a better future.

The mission statement is light on action and heavy on lofty and seemingly empty platitudes until one understands who Luckey is. Though, he refused to be interviewed for this piece.

Luckey, 31, who is listed on the staff roster at Freedom Fellowship Church as the youth minister, has promoted his speaking tours around the country called C.A.P.S, or Celebrating All Persevering Students. In churches, his presentation is titled Celebrating All Persevering Saints. Luckey apparently likes to use acronyms.

The presentation follows the teachings of Stanford University professor Dr. Carol Dweck. Dweck presented a TED Talk on her work in 2014. In her talk, she presents a “growth mindset.” She said she presented difficult or impossible problems for 10-year-old pupils in Chicago to solve and studied their reactions, particularly how each student reacted to failure to solve the challenge.

Dweck’s theory from her studies is that people can individually improve their futures based upon how current problems are approached individually.

The B.R.I.C.C. mission statement appears to follow the Dweck concept, except it is aimed at groups of people acting in unison, and in doing so, the hope is to create a better future of San Angelo. Luckey wears a t-shirt with the words, “Building a Better Tomorrow” emblazoned on the back

San Angelo has not been immune to racial unrest that is spreading throughout the country with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. Recent protests and actions of local activists, however, have concentrated on tearing down individuals and uplifting local egos, not on building unity.

Will Luckey’s quest be any different?

Here's is C.J. Luckey describing the B.R.I.C.C. event:
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Luckey referred to the Gospel of Luke in a sermon last year. In Luke Chapter 9, Jesus gave his disciples power and authority to drive out all demons. Later in the chapter, Jesus asked his disciples to be his advance team, announcing Jesus’ imminent arrival in villages to be visited. Upon reaching a Samaritan village, the Samaritans rejected Jesus and certainly did not welcome Him and his entourage.

Not appreciating being dissed by the hated Samaritans (the Jewish people didn’t care for them at all, Luckey said), some disciples wanted to exact revenge.

“Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them?” asked disciples James and John.

Luke tells us that Jesus rebuked them, refusing to commit supernatural genocide on the village.

To this Luckey asked during his sermon, “What fire are we chasing? Unite and save or divide and destroy?”

“As a community we should begin with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present and we have the power to make it so. Things don’t improve because we want them to, they improve because we care enough to invest enough of ourselves to make that change happen! Let’s come together San Angelo! Let’s be a part of the change together and build!” Luckey said in a statement.

B.R.I.C.C. is on Saturday, Sept. 19 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Bosque on the Concho. Flag football and sand volleyball tournaments are planned. Luckey also said the Concho River is being stocked with catfish for fishing. “The best part is the city is waiving license requirements just for our event,” Luckey stated.

There will also be a DJ, live music and food available.



... and after reading the article and watching the video of him speaking about what his goal is ... I am all for it. Unfortunately I am not able to be there in attendance at this event due to it being a big health risk for me but I sincerely hope its a success and that it will be a beginning of unity in our community. I also hope that a few individuals on this rant page will attend and come back with a more unified attitude about our community, especially those that feel that Law enforcement in this community are mostly bad and corrupt. A community without the faith in their law enforcement officers is in my opinion... bound for chaos and crime. I also hope a few individuals on this rant page will allow others to voice their opinions without someone downplaying that opinion, and I will be the first to openly admit that I have also been guilty of doing that ... myself... which will definitely change in any future comments I leave here on the rant page. I just have a bit of advice to those individuals that downplay the opinions of others ... and that is ... if the comments and opinions made are between two certain individuals... stay out of the discussion... it's between those two individuals and no one else. I have seen this happen several times in my lifetime... but when two certain people are having a conversation and discussion about certain topics, and someone else makes a remark and tries to downplay one or both of the individuals having a conversation on a particular subject, I have seen one or both of the individuals in conversation... get physical with the person that ... pardon the expression.. but "kick that person's ass "! So, I learned after seeing that happen several times.. to not get involved if it's in person, but I also think now ... it's a good idea to just let people have their opinions and keep mine ... to myself. You know, we are all ... everyone of us ... are on this Planet... and we need to all be on the same page, the same wave length... and be untied for one common goal, to understand others, to let them have their opinion and not tear them down ... when we ourselves are up, isn't it a better idea to unite together for the common good of our communities, our country and mine ... to live here on this planet together in harmony and peace? This probably won't be published on the rant page till Monday sometime, because evidently SA Live personal... are off of the clock from Friday night's till Monday... sometime... after they've had their coffee and favorite breakfast, but... at least I have exercised my right to free speech and voiced my opinion. Btw ... this may be the very last time I do this ... because I feel that ... it's just a waste of time for me ... time that I could be doing things and listening to my favorite music, time that I have left on this planet as a living human being, the rest of my time really should be ... doing what I enjoy! This is not a goodbye, not that it matters to anyone on here... but just a "See y'all later on down the road!"

"I have seen one or both of the individuals in conversation... get physical with the person that ... pardon the expression.. but 'kick that person's ass '! So, I learned after seeing that happen several times.. to not get involved if it's in person, but I also think now ... it's a good idea to just let people have their opinions and keep mine ... to myself. " - Warren Lambert

People resort to physical attacks when they are wrong. It's for that very reason that one must speak out much more boldly. Cowardice is not a virtue, and giving in will not make things easier for you.


... but your remark " Cowardice is not a virtue " is an assumption of me that you are totally wrong about. How can you assume that I was being cowardly when you know absolutely nothing about me. The only thing you know about me is from the content of the comments and rants I post. If you actually knew me and my character that would be the furthest thought of me in your mind. You know absolutely nothing of me when I was a younger man. Your remark is exactly the sort of response I would expect from a person like you that has an over inflated ego of yourself. As Cajun said... " Don't you know that Rita is the most intelligent person on the internet? Just ask her." ... those words seem to me to be "spot on" truth, and that's my opinion of you Rita. If you actually knew me you would know that I am no coward. I choose my physical battles with experience and common sense. Now you have voiced your opinion of my comment and I have voiced my opinion of yours, let's just leave it at that, but given your past history of how you try to make everyone else wrong and yourself right about everything and everyone else, I don't feel you know how to "leave it at that"miss ..
" I'm more intelligent than anyone" Repulsa!

"'I'm more intelligent than anyone' Repulsa!" -Warren Lambert

Is that what I think? Perhaps so, though I must say that my greatest virtue is my humility. Yet, I have failed even at that. Even my greatest strength is no match for your own, and thus you win.

I accept this with contrition.


I think we can ALL agree that ALL LIVES MATTER!!!
However I DO NOT agree, support, or condone anything to do with the BLM organization.
It doesn’t take much to see what this organization is all about. Follow the money!
CJ was asked early on if he would separate hisself from the BLM organization and support an All Lives Matter stance but he flatly refused!
Don’t get me wrong. Anyone that supports and defends ALL rights of ALL people is worth getting behind. But BLM is NOT IT!
They are nothing more than a domestic terrorist group.
I will defend ANYONES rights and fight against tyranny at any level but there is noway in HELL will I support anything that has BLM organization tied to it.

Let the attacks begin........

...bowel movements matter more than BLM movements.

I'm not sure if any others were held, other than the two attempts I witnessed at MLK park, but I've seen more action at a Walmart clearance rack for cow onesies, not to mention, Azteca Meat Market and Francos didn't sustain as much as a single broken window, nor were any "rayciss crackas" accosted and browbeaten into "taking a knee".

By BLM standards, their San Angelo chapters are utter failures.

I'm predicting this movement will be no different. No quintessential BLM violence, with their basement dwelling ANTIFA counterparts. just a snake oil salesman peddling his brand and shameless self promotion.

Gary Busey is also infamous for his superfluous usage of acronymical bullshit, but he suffered a very serious head injury. What's this guy's excuse?

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