NAACP Leader Claims Republican Women's Club Held Racist Candidate Forum


ODESSA, TX – The leader of Odessa's NAACP has major complaints regarding a candidate forum held by the Ector County Republican Women on Wednesday. 

According to CBS7, on September 17, Gene O. Collins, President of the Odessa NAACP has expressed that he belives the candidate forum held for on Wednesday was racist and divisive. 

"The Political Forum held on yesterday by the Ector County Republican Women for the upcoming Odessa City Council Elections was organized to intentionally and discriminately excluded four African American candidates from participating. Since all local city council and mayoral elections are non-partisan and there is no party affiliation requirement given when filing for the local offices, we, the Odessa Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, feel that the ECRW has violated the public trust and is propitiating a spirit of division and discrimination in the city of Odessa during a time when the citizens are trying their best to pull together for the good of the entire community. We must be better than this." stated Collins. 

The forum was held for the upcoming city council election which  will be held in November. There are currently 15 candidates on the ballot and eight of them were invited to the event. 

A spokeswoman for the ECRW said that club bylaws don't allow non-republican candidates to attend meetings. 





So, a Republican women's club didn't invite Democrats to a Republican forum? And that's considered racist? In that case, we gotta rank Mr. Collins right up there with Ms. "White Sheets" Spears.

Truly, if these race-baiting comedians disagree with's racist. Pitiful human beings.

Yeppers, I agree! Maybe one of the well known Networks will pick it up? They can name (...or Rename...) it to The NAACP Comedy Show- No White Sheets Allowed!

I wager it would most likely be the Top rated Network TV show in America!

Racist rantings. Fuel to the fire. add his rants to Ms. Spears. I for one am sick of race baiting. sounds to me like they want a race war. I'm good for that.

Probably got some advice from “Sheets” ;) The way to handle that is to host your own candidate forum and invite who you like.

...the coloreds didnt want to be called "colored" anymore.

It's a good thing there's no "National Association for the Advancement of White People".

The NAAWP meetings would be mobbed by BLM'ers (an inherently "racist and divisive" organization), demanding that they hand over their "sheets".

Collins and Spears need to pack up their race bait and hatred for white bedding, and head to Portland, or some other Liberal cesspool where the populace have been cowed into entertaining this bullshit.

In the mean time, no need for animosity or lashing out. Mockery is just as effective, and much more fun.

Let's all go out this weekend and buy up every white sheet set in sight, and proudly display them....on our beds, of course. Snap a few photos, and plaster them all over social media, with the hashtag..


Imagine if, as opportunist leaders within the Black community seek to place Black patsies loyal to their Marxist agenda in positions of power in areas with few Blacks, the White community decided to dish back the old minority act to them, instead. People fist bumping, telling each other to "stay White," acting like their Barbary Black overlords are a bunch of Roman legionnaires who deserve a Pictish welcome.

This race-baiting drama is a Marxist tactic to divide the populace so that when someone reaches out a hand promising peace and unity, we'll be ready to bite, hook, line and sinker. In the short term, that would mean accepting what the local Democrats want to shove down our throats just because some of them happen to be Black. In the long term, it will be super-Kenosha, and then a cultural revolution complete with concentration camps built by Leftists to do to dissenters what China did to Tibet and is currently doing to the Uyghers.

Until the lackeys agitating for this kind of dystopia make themselves and their backers all too obvious as instigators, we might as well all step back, give them room to shine, and remember - for Whites, it's not about hatred for others, it's about White Love!

#WhiteBeddingMatters #StayWhite #WhiteHotLove #ShrugTheBurden

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