Spectators Will Not Be Allowed At Midland Airport During Trump's Visit


MIDLAND, TX — Midland International Air and Space Port announced spectators will not be permitted to watch Air Force One arrive or depart during President Trump’s visit on Wednesday.

According to CBS7, Trump is scheduled to arrive at MAF on Wednesday morning to attend a luncheon fundraiser and have a tour of a local oil rig.

Only individuals will a ticket for a commercial flight will be allowed to be at the airport.

Tickets to the luncheon are available to the public for $2,800 apiece, as well as photo opportunities with President Trump going for $50,000 a piece.

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"Only individuals will a ticket for a commercial flight." That is supposed to be WITH a ticket. This publication really is the lowest of the low, can't even afford an editor.

Nobody needs their third eye open or a divine revelation to know who they're going to vote for - or to see how thoroughly his opposition has pulled out all the stops to prevent him from helping the American people.

Each President has a sacred duty to the American people, and to maintain and prosper "the last, best hope of Earth," as Lincoln put it. This presidency is the first time in quite some time that any president has taken that duty seriously and taken significant steps towards that end.

Remember that the Left and its communist agitators have no respect towards any faith whatsoever.

j j, Tue, 07/28/2020 - 09:24

Rita, I am looking forward to seeing your picture with the president posted here Wednesday or so. I haven't quite made that extra 50K yet from all his looking out for me. The photo will do San Angelo good.

A quick round of golf and a quickie at an airport. All the while the hand basket used to carry us all to hell gets bigger and more ornate.

Rome didn't have nuclear weapons, genetic engineering, and artificial intelligence. Bringing up Rome has as much bearing on this conversation as musing into the digital ether about how the great pyramids in Egypt were covered in white alabaster and capped in gold when they were built during the ice age, and wondering what the rain that fell outside those structures in that day must have felt like on your skin.

Write us a tragic sonnet in hieroglyphics or linear B and fly us to Cydonia old man - or for that matter, straight into the sun...



a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.

Also, there isn't a hand basket big enough for all of us and hell might or might not exist, depending on which side of that argument you align yourself with.

Deep divisions within the United States could spell the end of American dominance, and the sway of American values, around the world. We're living at a time which is unprecedented in recorded history and this is not the time to attack someone who has championed the causes of the majority of Americans. We are at a turning point in global history, and apt to be subject to bitter reprisals of our many enemies around the world if we indulge petty divisiveness.

Not everyone values human life like we do.

Who is the mysterious someone that who has championed the causes of the majority of Americans. I'll guess you are using fuzzy math or perhaps no math at all. There has been petty divisiveness since the 2016 presidential debates and guess who the purveyor is.

Z Z, Fri, 07/31/2020 - 17:55

The author of this playbook started off with a strategy but when you get to the pages of the conclusion, they forgot to write how it ends.

That is why we botched so many things overseas. Syria shouldn't have lasted this long sending the entire decent people fleeing the country as refugees and flooding Europe. Iraq turned into a vacuum , Afghan has been going on twenty years. Now, the same playbook is being used on us. They botched Ukraine too.

We need a new writer and find this playbook and throw it away.

Z Z, Fri, 07/31/2020 - 17:51

I guess you don't hold back or mince words. I give you credit for that.

... Lincoln's grandfather! ( ... and my reply makes as much sense as your comment Z Z ... hehehe. :-D )

... just after it was released. Played it a lot back in the day at the Bars & Dance halls around here! Maybe you've had just "one to many" of those Sunrise drinks Z Z ... making you "loopy"... hehehe! :-D

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