Congressman Conaway Wants to Block Democrats from Funding Abortions with CARES Act


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Mike Conaway (TX-11) on Friday led 38 cosponsors in introducing the Protecting Life in Crisis Act. This legislation prohibits federal COVID-19 response funds from going towards abortions or abortion coverage by extending existing Hyde Amendment protections to any COVID-19-related healthcare provisions. The bill also prevents federal tax credits from being used to cover any post-employment healthcare (COBRA) premiums that include abortion coverage.

“As our nation begins the road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, we must remain vigilant to protect the most vulnerable among us,” said Congressman Conaway. “Unfortunately, abortion activists view the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to undermine right-to-life protections in the Hyde Amendment. This legislation protects innocent, unborn children by ensuring that the right-to-life is a fundamental component of any federal COVID-19-related healthcare measures.”

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Are there any people in Congress who are advocating for this? The article only said abortion activists. Until a list of people who are in the government, and have the power to do this, abortion activists means nothing.

More posturing from the outgoing congressman. Abortions don't have a political party. Republicans, independents, and even the libertarians get them. Pretty sure they don't ask party affiliation at sign in.

We did ask the children, but they are incapable of talking, so like many things we consider it an opt-out, and by default it is in the affirmative, or for abortion.

Nobody asked us if we wanted to fund churches with the relief bill meant for an emergency situation either, which I love the implication that churches are a business.…

>Leftist inconveniently gets pregnant
>Talks to stomach, "You inconvenience me, leech. Shall you do my bidding or must I dispose of you?"
>*Hard kick*
>*Gets abortion, blames society for all problems, advocates for higher taxes and nanny state, spends rest of life enraged by the sight of children, people smiling, the sound of laughter, and human happiness.*

Again, this is the same as my other comment, the beginning is a joke, do you understand what that is? It's the second part that you said nothing about which is the most telling.

Rightwinger beats chest and preaches abortions are an abomination, gets mistress pregnant and demands she get an abortion to save his career.

"My hipocrisy has cost you. I blame liberals for my adultery and sentence you to death."

Leftist gets upset over upsurge in right-wing advocacy and calls on allies in various fields, including security contractors, to run an "MK-Ultra lite" psyop on activists selected based on a statistical model that includes doxxing, online harassment, and some LSD spiked Dr. Pepper in some remote bus station with security personnel working under the guise of a company filming a reality show prank in an effort to solve a problem by throwing money at it, without firing a bullet, and with minimal legal liability or possibility of exposure.

The rationale of the operation is based on exposing the targets to the operator's impression of the cause they champion in the most traumatic way possible given the limits of the operation and either permanently changing their political alignment, driving them nuts, or otherwise shredding any credibility they may have garnered.

In other words, what's the point of your convoluted hypothetical scenario?

All of the people who claim they are against abortion, should be required to sign up to adopt the next unwanted baby, let them put their money where their mouths are. The fact that they don't do this now voluntarily just tells you that it isn't about babies ( they certainly don't care about them after they are born) but about hating women, and "punishing them." I realize that a lot of these anti-choice, anti-women protesters are women themselves, and that just goes to show how bad education has gotten in this country, but that is a discussion for another time.

I noticed that you didn't say anything against hating women, which was my real trap. The beginning of my rant of course was hyperbolic, and a joke from Bill Hicks. But the fact you said nothing about the hating women part is the most telling.

Prverbs 14:1 "The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down"

Timothy 2:12 " I do not permit a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet"

Your point is a plain as day to anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature, the denial is overwhelming. You will have a difficult time trying to convince Incognito Jo of any truth he refuses to believe.

Z Z, Sun, 05/10/2020 - 21:53

Conversationizt but did like your use of the word convoluted.

Agree with that

Your Deseret spell chequer doesn't seem to be translating properly, but thanks for the compliment.

You need to be more careful with your closing line Incognito Jo, you are posing as a female here you know.

I think you're in De-Nile about the power of internet moon witches from space, Pharoah Bill. Hope you've got your own pressurized suit to keep the COVID-19 out. Keep stocked up on Tang and stay safe.

In the eighties I was present at the discovery of a full term baby that was found in a dumpster here in San Angelo. No one ever came forward or was charged. The Baby was buried at a local cemetery as an unknown. There were witnesses that saw a motor cycle and a car meet early in the morning where the baby was discovered. That tells me that it was local. It could have been a rich person or poor person. It could have been a liberal or a conservative. I am sure there were plenty of excuses why this baby shouldn't have lived I just can't think of one that is justifiable.
The man who discovered the baby called me over to verify what he had found. I have inquired about this incident over the years but with no interest. I would hope that I would have opted to take charge of an unwanted child if given the opportunity versus the outcome that occurred. I will never know. It has bothered me greatly over the years. I moved back to San Angelo and it brought the memories back. I tried to find where the baby was buried only to learn that unknown graves are made available to those who pay. I couldn't even pay my respects. After all is said and done the only person who did not have a voice was the baby. I can only hope that the concern for human life will become as important as the arguments for and against.

ironic, Tue, 05/12/2020 - 10:44

In order to require an abortion, you made, (in most cases, not all), a conscious decision to take part in the act of coitus.
You were big enough to make the decision, you should be big enough to shoulder the consequences without expecting others to pay for your decisions. I was not involved or consulted about the decision you made, so why would you expect me to pay towards your abortion?
Statements such as " All of the people who claim they are against abortion, should be required to sign up to adopt the next unwanted baby, let them put their money where their mouths are." are stupid! Again, why should anyone else pay for the results of someone else getting drunk, pretending to be a grown up, have sex, and reproducing? I am not here to pay for someone else's enjoyment; unless part of this hand out gives me free annual football season tickets for the Cowboys so I can enjoy myself, whats in it for me? A woman's body is hers and hers alone as are the decisions she makes about her reproductive abilities; as such the woman should be finding the money to pay for such things, NOT me and the rest of the general public.

In specific regard to the COVID19 money, are you seriously expecting people to believe that a side effect of this virus is pregnancy???

Not "stupid." Their cognitive firepower is directed towards pinging the emotional centers of the brain rather than its logic circuits. People who argue like that are generally narcissistic bullies who offer equal opportunity manipulation to everyone they meet, including the public at large. It's a shrill voice that's often easy to ignore until one day you wake up and realize you're living in a duplicate California because such voices have been carping at elected officials for years to get their fix.

PS: Pregnancies induced solely due to COVID-19 infection and without any procreative activity with a male human being are remotely, conceivably possible. If such a spectacularly rare occurrence does transpire, I believe that the pregnancy should be brought to term.

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