Lone Protestor Against Obama's Immigration Policy Wants Company


A lone protestor stands over the Glenna overpass of the Houston Harte Expressway lamenting about President Obama’s immigration policy and Syrian refuges.

Local business owner Shannon Carpenter, who declares herself to be both fiscally and socially conservative, is holding a one-person anti-immigration rally Saturday afternoon.

Her motivation is President Obama’s decision to relocate thousands of Syrian refuges into the US. She believes it is a security risk.

“I want Obama to protect Americans first. People may call people like me a bigot, people will call people like me racists. People will say that we have no compassion. But to tell you the truth, being a Christian, I do have compassion, but that does not mean we have to invite evil through our borders, and let it into our country,” she said.

She’s been protesting since 11 a.m. She said she’s seen only four middle fingers and hundreds of honks in support. She said she intends to protest until 3 p.m. If someone else shows up to join with her, she promises to stay until 5 p.m.

“Some of us have had enough. And I’m one of those people,” she said.

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The biggest plague that Americans suffer from is not the measles, HIV or ebola. It is biased media and indoctrinated academia. Apparently Americans suffer from cowardice. How on earth in the Lone Star State, a lone woman is not accompanied by Americans who don't buy the propaganda from network, cable or print news media outlets? Where are all the cowboys to rescue a damsel and a nation in distress? Going on facebook , sharing your opposition with your own choir is ineffective. Fighting those who buy their propaganda on THEIR pages is a better use of your time. This lone woman is not made of metal like the Statue Of Liberty, she is bone and flesh and blood, Where are the tough Texans who oppose having their country be more French, Belgian, Russian or African? We are a melting pot but we are not a bomb that is ticking because we are supposed to believe it is really a clock.

Way to go Shannon!!! I agree with you!! Obama refuses to protect America's borders and our citizens. He refuses to call these terrorist by their true identity which is Radical Islamist terrorist. Our presidents most important duty is to protect America from terrorist abroad and domestic. These radical Islamist terrorist have told us over and over again that they want to kill us and I think he needs to take that as their word. I think Obama should be arrested for treason for not protecting America from these terrorist and going out of his way to bring them to our country.

Remember all, Obama is a muslim, and he is in favor of isis. Before he leaves office, he will let in isis to our country, that is what he is being paid to do!

How stupid , president Barrack Obama commander in chief , is not a Muslim , and you Morlocks are not Christians . I don't know where you read your message of hate in the bible , but I can't find it . If Jesus was here today, he would treat the refugees as some one in need , he would welcome them with open arms . That my dear Morlocks is true Christianity . By the way you had better watch out , the real terrorist are the ones running your state government .

I say stand with Jesus and believe. I say show Compassion and believe Jesus when he tells us to not be afraid. The sign should have read, Jesus please help those Syrian refuges, and not Go Home. ISIS will never defeat us. We are a Christian Nation. God is with us.

Stop with the malarkey. This is not a Christian Nation. The majority of people in the U.S. practice Christianity but this country was not conceived as a nation under any religion.

So what were the results of Joes plea? Did anyone help this womans assault on Christianity?

Why is it that the majority of the Syrian refugees are males in their 20's? Why are there over 1000 open FBI investigations in all 50 states about ISIS related activity? The FBI director stated that they are completely unprepared to properly vet the refugees. What will it take for you all to wake up? A mushroom cloud over DFW? Perhaps a few of your loved ones with their heads laying on top of their stomachs or charred to a crisp. Keep drinking the kool aide, but stay away from my house when it goes down.

And regarding Jesus: Jesus wouldn't be so blind to see what is happening. And if I recall correctly; the last time that a country was as corrupt and immoral as America is, God turned it to salt. So please. Stop with the WWJD crap.

It sounds like you get your information from blogs and fox fake news . Yes there are many young men mixed in with the refugees , no one wants to die at the hands off of a dictator , who has attempted to kill all of his own people . Bombings ,poison gas and other chemical weapons are among the atrocities to name a few . Of course it is necessary to have files on all of the suspected terrorist , probably a lot more than a thousand , its like the geico commercial says , that's what they do . The only corruption i see in government is the republicans who refuse to move forward in the house and senate , Where would we be if they would cooperate and begin to govern for the people . The problem here is that they have succeeded in making all the morlocks believe that the president is to blame for all of the country's ills . Unemployment is way down , lower than it has been in a long time . How about health care , there are people receiving health care, that they would not be able to receive otherwise. I would rather pay for this through " Obama care " than through the old way , overcharges at the hospital , and county indigent care . How about the nations infrastructure , it is billions and billions of dollars behind . President Obama is slowly working on this , this will be for the benefit of all , including you , so that you can safely move your guns and survival gear to your hide out .Business is thriving , it is a good time to start a business if you want to work for it . Slowly but surely we are making progress in education , but we have a long way to go . It takes money for these projects , instead of spending , time and money , on pointless politically motivated investigations , the congress should focus on the real issues . The republicans continue to insist that Hilary Clinton is responsible for the Benghazi attack , they will not be happy until they can find evidence that she led the attack , that she was there, wearing a hood and in full combat gear . So much time and money spent on nothing ! They will continue to do so as long as the morlocks continue to believe there lies . When you mention kool aid in your rant you give your self away as just another racist , it doesn't matter what the president does you are not going to be happy , because he is African American . He won the election fair and square , he didn't rely on a chad , like some other guy i know of . So face it , he will be here for at least another year . Jesus is my lord and savior , I dare not blasphemy him , that is what taking the Lords name in vain means . It is not for me to judge , in the end , only God can judge . So whether i'm blown away by a terrorist's 7.62 x 39 or turned into ash by a nuke i will continue to love God ! I will not be afraid !

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