WATCH: Experts Weigh-In on Why Rain Goes Around San Angelo

SAN ANGELO – It's no secret that San Angelo is in the middle of a drought. It officially summer and the spring showers were close but just did not hit us. One storm in particular seemed to even completely circle San Angelo without a drop of rain. 

Many people have conspiracy theories about why that happens. Some say people aren't living the right way while others make hints of an Indian burial ground. San Angelo LIVE! got to the bottom of it by bring the experts in on LIVE!, SA LIVE!'s daily news cast.

During the show, editor-in-chief Yantis Green spoke with Amy Campbell with the National Weather Service office in San Angelo. In the interview they spoke about a number of topics including the infamous "San Angelo bubble." 

Unfortunately for the conspiracy theorists out there its looks as if the bubble may not be what it seems.

"It's actually an artifact on how the radar samples the atmosphere," said Campbell. "So out at a distance a radar beam is much wider so it can't see the breaks or the spaces between storms. But as the storms move closer the radar beam is narrower and it can see those spaces between storms."

For more on the interview see the video above. The interview segment begins at around the 8:30 mark.

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Its the way the jet stream reacts in the concho valley when we get these so called weather disturbances that disrupts the falling moisture. 


Just another weather person giving a non-answer to the San Angelo doom effect.   She says radar anomaly, KLST says its up drafts and down drafts - the storm is basically a roller coaster.   There is a something here, whether it is geography, lake effect, or maybe the energy of the city as a whole, but you cannot deny there is something that is keeping our city from getting rain.  If it is something to do with what man has done to the landscape or whatever, it would be good to know because then there might be a solution that can be implemented.   If it is the contour of the land, then prove that theory and we can put this behind us.   I have never been any place else in the United States and the World, where you can repetitively see storms by pass a city time and time again.   This is just another BS response from people who are supposed to be very educated in these matters which just goes to show that weather forecasting as a whole is a joke.  Just something to placate the masses.

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