WATCH: The Real Reason Tom Green County Parks Are Closed

SAN ANGELO, TX -- It's been estimated that over the weekend Tom Green County parks saw more than 2,000 people.

When the crowds left parks such as Pugh Park in Christoval were littered with trash. The trash along with the inability to practice social distancing raised plenty of concerns for Tom Green County officials who made the decision on Thursday morning to shut down Tom Green County parks.

Watch as Tom Green County Local Health Authority Dr. James Vretis discusses what went into the decision to shut down the parks, and the crowds not from Tom Green County that played a role in the decision. 

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Guess we can thank the trash of San Angelo for getting all of these parks shut down, they don’t believe in cleaning up after them selves why would they do social distancing. I drove through there last weekend and we can blame the white trash and Mexican population for this.


The rope swings, floating on an inner-tube, and splashing around in the water seem like much more fun than staying at home.

If you want folks to practice Mitigation practices, you need to show more people dying. Fun is more enticing than fear. Need to make the FEAR more extreme!


The rope swings, swimming, inner-tube floating seems like much more fun than staying at home or sheltering in place.

Need to show people dying in the video to instill more fear if you want to keep folks from enjoying themselves.

Of course, you would have to manufacture those deaths.


Does this coincide with the governor’s attempt to open things up or with a judge in Dallas with a personal vendetta? Who really has the authority to do this? What is the difference between going to Walmart and to a park? Do all people suffer because of a few trashy people?


From the top down the ignorance and the continuation of the lie that this virus is a death sentence astounds me. They are "moving the goal posts" because we were only to slow the spread to save our ICU's from being over run. Now we have pivoted to eliminating the virus which is a fools errand. It has NEVER been done. It is time to begin removing all these officials from the bottom up. We need to begin with this idiot doctor for our county.


so the county orders the parks closed, and somehow they plan to actually enforce that? i suppose by fining people who get caught visiting them and/or arresting them (even though the governor already changed his executive order to say you can't be arrested or jailed for such things). these mini-tyrants are desperately trying to pop up all over the country right now it seems like.

and somehow, these geniuses, led by a fearmongering Vretis, expect that the very SECOND those parks aren't open again, that people won't flock to them again immediately? five bucks says they extend the closure of the parks at the end of May.

and that video above is ridiculous. how did they even film such a thing while "maintaining social distancing"? plus Vretis himself is complaining about people not wearing masks outside in that video, and yet he's not even wearing a mask either! heck the parks workers who are shown setting up fencing and warning signs aren't wearing masks either. "rules for thee but not for me" i guess.

who voted for Vretis?

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