WATCH: Black Bear Spotted in Ozona


OZONA, TX – The quiet streets of Ozona were interrupted Tuesday after a black bear cub was found roaming around town.

According to the Crocket County Animal Control, on Jun. 1, several people around Ozona contacted the animal control office to report a bear on the loose.

The bear sighting went viral as several people posted about it on social media. Here is a compilation of videos showing the bear around town.

Crocket County Sheriff's deputies and volunteer firefighters also assisted in getting the bear off the streets.

The last report animal control recieved was that around 2 a.m. Wednesday claiming that the bear came down, ran up Owens St. and then towards pasture.

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife the black bear is a protected and rare species in the state of Texas. Male bears weigh 150 to over 350 lbs., and females weigh 120 to 250 lbs. Male home ranges average 20,000 acres, while females average 5,000 acres. Denning can start as early as November and continue until late May. Bears den in large, hollow trees, brush piles, thickets, rock crevices and caves. Denning bears go into a deep sleep but can be aroused if disturbed.

It is a violation of law to kill a black bear in Texas, with penalties of up to $10,000, added civil restitution fines, jail time and loss of all hunting privileges.

NEVER APPROACH A BEAR! Bears are normally shy and not aggressive to humans. If a bear regularly visits your deer stand, scare it with rocks, a slingshot or air horn. If you encounter a bear at close range, talk in a calm manner while backing away slowly. Do not make direct eye contact. DO NOT RUN! This can trigger a bear’s chase instinct. If a bear approaches you, stand your ground and raise your arms, backpack or jacket to appear larger. Yell at the bear to scare it off. If attacked, fight back aggressively with anything available. Let the bear know you are not easy prey. DO NOT PLAY DEAD!

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