Traditions and Trivia: Champagne


There are many sparkling wines in the world, but true Champagne only comes from Champagne, France.

Wine enthusiasts are all about location when it comes to their products, therefore the misnomer can be a pet peeve.

This is especially rampant in the United States due to loose ‘truth-in-labeling’ obligations that are far behind many other countries.

According to , “While many quality U.S. producers use the term sparkling wine and proudly state their origin, a loophole in U.S. law allows some winemakers to label their wines 'Champagne,' even though they do not come from Champagne.”

The bubbly beverage became popular in the 17th century when glasswork technology became capable of holding in the pressurized carbonation caused by the trapped carbon dioxide.

But it wasn’t until industrialization made mass production of the Champagne accessible to lower classes that widespread consumption of the beverage occurred.

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