Rare Two-Faced Calf Defies Odds


COSSINADE, LA — On February 27, a farm in southwest Louisiana witnessed the birth of a calf with two faces, a phenomenon so rare it’s estimated to occur in one out of 400 million births. 

The calf, born at Breaux Farms LLC, has been fittingly named "Deux Face," French for "two-faced," by owners Eric and Dawn Breaux.

Deux Face, equipped with four eyes, two noses, two mouths, and two ears, defied the odds by not only being born alive but also by surviving beyond the first few hours of life, a rarity for calves with "polycephaly." This condition is characterized by having more than one head. Such calves are typically stillborn or live only for a short period.

The Breaux family observed one of their cows, a seasoned mother of two previous calves, in the early stages of labor the night before the remarkable birth. Deciding to let nature take its course, they were greeted the next morning, February 28, with the surprising sight of Deux Face, who has since been under the close watch of the Breauxs and several veterinarians.

Despite the initial skepticism about her longevity, Deux Face has made it to 8 days old, showing slow but promising progress. The Breauxs have been proactive in her care, utilizing a sling to support her mobility and introducing her to the outdoors for sunlight and socialization with other cows.

“She does not appear to be suffering or in any pain,” one of the Breaux's Facebook posts read. “We are monitoring her constantly and taking it day by day. She has beaten many odds, but only time will tell her fate. We are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. This is the reality of caring for God’s creations.”

The last update was given on March 6, stating, "She is a week old today. She is making some slow progress and getting a little stronger."

"This progress is very slow, but it is positive progress," the information stated. "She has pushed herself up twice in the past two days onto her feet for a few seconds, with us supporting her so she did not fall over. This may not seem like much, but it is getting her closer to standing on her own."

To answer a few of the questions, yes, vets are involved. She does breathe out of both noses at the same time and her eyes do respond to light and movement.

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