How Politicians View Saving the Daylight....


METROPOLIS (OR GOTHAM) – In the bustling metropolis of Sun City, where the sun always shines a little brighter, the citizens were gearing up for their annual Daylight Saving Time extravaganza. But this year, things were about to take a twist.

As the clock struck midnight on Saturday, the city was plunged into darkness. Not the usual darkness of night, mind you, but a peculiar, unsettling darkness that seemed to swallow up even the moonlight.

Panicked citizens flooded the streets, bumping into each other and tripping over invisible obstacles. The mayor called for help, and in a flash, the American Super Heroes were on the scene.

First up was Captain Clockwise, with his trusty sidekick, Time Turner. They zoomed through the city, dodging shadows and unraveling the mystery of the missing daylight.

Meanwhile, Lady Luminescence soared overhead, her radiant beams cutting through the darkness like a beacon of hope. She was accompanied by Solar Surge, whose power to harness the sun's energy was unrivaled.

Together, the heroes worked tirelessly, racing against the clock to restore order to Sun City. But just as they were on the brink of success, they encountered their greatest foe yet: the Time Bandit.

This dastardly villain had been tampering with the fabric of time itself, causing chaos wherever he went. With a sinister laugh, he revealed his plan to steal the daylight and plunge the world into eternal darkness.

But the American Super Heroes weren't about to let that happen. With a flurry of punches, kicks, and laser beams, they battled the Time Bandit until finally, they emerged victorious.

As the first rays of dawn broke through the darkness, the citizens of Sun City cheered, grateful for their heroes' bravery. And as they celebrated the return of daylight, they couldn't help but wonder: would this be the year that Congress finally eliminated the need for Daylight Saving Time?

But for now, they could rest easy knowing that their American Super Heroes would always be there to save the day, no matter what time it was.

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