Bizarre TikTok Trend Has Cult Followers Crawling on All Fours in Stores


New York – A bizarre new TikTok trend has emerged promising to revolutionize the platform with its unconventional approach. Meet the "Crawley," a phenomenon sweeping through social media that involves groups of individuals crawling around various shops, leaving bewildered staff and amused onlookers in their wake.

Picture this: a swarm of people, not in a rush to snag the latest deals, but instead, skittering through outlets like Zara or KFC on all fours. It's a sight straight out of a peculiar social experiment, triggering reactions that are a blend of discomfort and bewilderment.

The videos, often set to a backdrop of screaming audio, have amassed a staggering 21.8 million likes, largely credited to the account @crawly_posessed, self-identifying as a literal cult. Their bio boldly invites users to "JOIN OUR CULT NOW," accompanied by links to their Discord server, "POSSESSED," and a Telegram channel echoing their mantra: "WE ARE CULT, DESTROY YOUR LIMITATIONS, PROTEST TO SOCIETY, BE OBSESSED WITH US."

For those inclined to support their crawling escapades, a donation link is conveniently nestled in their bio, perhaps hinting at future upgrades like knee pads for the devoted crawlers.

The Telegram channel acts as a hub for organizing their upcoming "raids," terming these gatherings as "pure energyyy." Members boast about dispelling social anxiety and claim victory over their enemies, perpetuating an eerie but oddly captivating aura.

Hints of an impending spectacle emerge from the channel's warnings, teasing, "something is coming soon" that's bound to surpass the current mayhem. Brace yourselves, viewers.

Originating in Warsaw, Poland, the trend swiftly traversed borders, infiltrating the UK retail landscape. As a precaution, shoppers embarking on Zara hauls or holiday shopping might find themselves unexpectedly face-to-face with this peculiar spectacle.

Brands such as Mango, Zara, KFC, and even those ubiquitous phone case booths in shopping centers have fallen victim to the Crawley movement.

Comments on the videos reflect a mix of unease and amusement. Users liken themselves to a "wolfpack," envision their youthful selves on a shopping spree, or contemplate the complex nature of free will amidst this bizarre phenomenon.

The Crawley trend, equal parts disturbing and comical, continues to perplex audiences worldwide. As the cult-like community prepares for its next move, the world eagerly anticipates what twisted spectacle this unconventional TikTok trend will unveil next.

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Clearly, with the word "idiot" redefined downward.  The movie "Idiocracy" needs to have a sequel with these semi-sentient creatures included.

I suppose it would invite criminal charges to boot one of these mindless things out of my way should I encounter one, so I guess I best control myself in such a situation.

Speaking quite seriously, trash like Tik Tok is revealing ways to make brain death electronically transmissible.

Grade A psychological warfare mobilizing America's feral children. Diabolically masterful. Respect, China. ✌ 

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