WATCH: Bomb Squad Called Into Walmart After Suspicious Package Found

ABILENE, TX – The Abilene Bomb Squad was called to the South Walmart for a possible bomb on Wednesday. 

According to KTXS, on August 26, officers with the Abilene Police Department's bomb squad were dispatched to the Walmart after an employee received a suspicious package. 

The employee says she was not expecting the package and thought it looked suspicious. The employee took the package outside of the store and now the bomb squad is investigating. 

This is a developing story. 

..reminded me of another term for the "devil's lettuce", although I haven't heard this term used much outside of California.

"Bomb", however, has become quite the trigger word for many Americans, and the cause of many a soiled "undie', over boxes of pamphlets, discarded potato guns, anything that goes "tick-tick" or "beep-beep", all courtesy of a controlled demolition back in 2001, which were blamed on cave dwelling sand fleas.

Social engineering is a mo-fo.

Boxes. Household chemicals that could be mixed irresponsibly. Plumbing items. Parts for vehicles. Machetes. Brown people. When did people become so afraid of things often found in local garages?

What happened to your grit, America?

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