San Antonio Child Predator Finally Caught


SAN ANTONIO, TX — In San Antonio, Texas, the police have successfully apprehended a man, Javier Vasquez, who had been on the run since 2019. Vasquez, 58, faced a felony charge of Indecency with a Child, stemming from an accusation that he touched a six-year-old child in a public restroom nearly five years ago.

Vasquez, an undocumented citizen, had been elusive, with family members allegedly providing his location to the police, only for him to disappear before their arrival.

A covert team managed to track down Vasquez early on a Wednesday, resulting in his arrest for the alleged crime.

Child Indecency Predator in Cuffs

Child Indecency Predator in Cuffs

(Credit: Police have arrested a man who has been on the run since 2019. (SBG San Antonio)

Child Indecency Predator Nabbed

Child Indecency Predator Nabbed

(Credit: Police have arrested a man who has been on the run since 2019. (SBG San Antonio)

Child Indecency Predator

Child Indecency Predator

(Credit: Police have arrested a man who has been on the run since 2019. (SBG San Antonio)

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CGM5, Sat, 02/10/2024 - 08:58

Vasquez, an undocumented citizen,

He's just over here to do what U.S. citizens don't want to do.

While obviously these charges are bad, but I can't help but point out that U.S. citizens are charged and convicted of these crimes everyday, white U.S citizens at that, so your comment just doesn't make any sense and is really stupid, I don't know what the point of posting really dumb comments is...unless your just dumb 🤷😂

CGM5, Sun, 02/11/2024 - 09:24

Well, I suppose you are the new moron on the block. Your reasoning sounds like that of a 9th grader trying to start an argument to make themselves look intelligent. Just so you won't look so dumb next time, the statement I made about an illegal being over here doing what our citizens don't want to is in reference to something the left used to say a few years back. Their excuse for illegals was "They are only over here looking for work and doing jobs the rest of us don't want to". You apparently didn't have a clue about this since you must be a young teenager. Look on the bright side, now you are a little smarter than you were yesterday.

CGM5, Sun, 02/11/2024 - 10:35

One more thing moron, I don't give a tinker's damn what color this illegal is. You are the one that brought race into this. That says a lot about you, doesn't it?

Amigo, I don't really mean to pick at you since I don't think you're all that awful (as opposed to some here), but "undocumented citizen"?  What is that?

CGM5, Sat, 02/10/2024 - 19:33

Well, I assume it's the opposite of a documented citizen. I would think a documented citizen is a legal citizen. Whatever it is, I just did a copy and paste from the article.

Might mean he ain't legal and votes like 3 or 4 times per election, blue no matter who, and gets kickbacks of taxpayer  funds like he was a 1 man state of Israel fighting in Ukraine.

you forgot the has a failing memory, but because he's currently the big guy he won't be in trouble for those "documents" in his garage since he forgot about them. 

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