Violent Gang Members & Sex Offenders Keep Pouring Over the Border


EDINBURG, TX – U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley arrested three illegal aliens with prior convictions for sexual crimes in addition to eight gang members this week.

On Jan. 26, Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol (RGV) agents apprehended a group of 18 illegals in the brush attempting to circumvent the checkpoint near Sarita, Texas.  During processing, it was discovered a Salvadoran national had a prior arrest in 2017, by the Lindenwold Police Department (LPD) in New Jersey.  LPD charged him with two counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child less than 13-years-old.  The subject was convicted and sentenced to five years confinement.

Thursday morning, McAllen Border Patrol Station agents conducted record checks on a Salvadoran national, who was apprehended with a group of 10 illegal immigrants in Hidalgo. Criminal history revealed he is a sex offender convicted for Lewd Acts with a Child under 14-years-old in Los Angeles in 2018. The subject was sentenced to 3 years confinement.

That afternoon, Brownsville Border Patrol (BRP) agents arrested a male national from Uruguay who illegally entered the United States. Through records check, BRP agents identified the subject as a sex offender with a prior arrest in 2007 for Loitering for Sex Under 18-years-old, by the Gwinnett County Police Department in Georgia. He was subsequently sentenced to 12 months probation.

Also, this week, RGV agents arrested eight illegals who have been identified as members of trans-national criminal organizations. The illegals are nationals from Romania, El Salvador, and Honduras. One of the Romanian nationals has an active full extradition warrant out of Fort Collins, Colorado for Larceny.

Border Patrol is processing the subjects accordingly.

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CGM5, Sat, 01/29/2022 - 10:48


Violent Gang Members & Sex Offenders Keep Pouring Over the Border

They are only here looking for asylum! Isn't that what we keep hearing from the left?

ME Someone, Sat, 01/29/2022 - 17:54

Not all of them are, no, nobody is saying that. But you have to lie to try to have a point so it's no surprise that you are doing it now.

Remember that this all started under trump and is a continuation of the surge that started under him in 2019. It only slowed down in 2020 because of covid.

It's very telling that republicans blame this all on Biden yet can never point to specific policies that they are talking about. Simply because they can't, as it started under trump just like the surge in 2019 that they said nothing about.

ME Someone, Sat, 01/29/2022 - 17:56

Yet once again the republicans just use this opportunity to bash the Americans they hate and don't give credit to the people that are catching them, because republicans don't really care unless it suits their agenda and they can benefit from it in some way, so I will be the much much bigger person (not a tough task) and do it my self;

Thank you Biden's Border Patrol! Another great job!

CGM5, Sat, 01/29/2022 - 18:00

You are mistaken, I've thanked biden many times for the surge of illegal aliens he alone has caused.

ME Someone, Sun, 01/30/2022 - 17:25

Keep telling yourself that.

Explain how it's biden's fault when according to the border patrol the current "surge" started under trump in September of 2020 (not to mention trumps other surge in 2019 that republicans ignored)? Don't tell me that Biden told them to come over" because that was people seeking asylum, which is legal immigration. Don't tell the wall is to blame, the court deemed trumps wall unconstitutional and most illegal crossings are in ports of entry. Don't tell me that Biden ended trumps policies, because he didn't and has actually fought in court to keep trumps policies in place. So what else do you have?

Tell me which SPECIFIC policies are contributing to this? Nobody can ever actually answer with a real policy or answer. Which is very telling.

ME Someone, Sat, 01/29/2022 - 18:10

40 people is "pouring"? 

Another clickbait headline, and the republicans eat it up, yet call actual news sites that cite their sources "fake news" or as they say when they are at their klan meetings "Luggenpresse";

I bet you didn't know that trumps (and other republicans) "fake news" tactic is straight out of the nazi playbook did you? Actually most of the anti-American tactics that republican are using (Nationalism, obsession with national security, wanting religion and government intertwined, hatred for intellectuals and art, protecting corporate power) are all straight from Hitlers germany and mussolini's italy. In fact, Trump even said he likes dictators (even praising them) and wants to be a dictator,

But that is something that republicans don't want you to know, that they want a dictator as long as it is there guy that is the dictator.

Understand that the headline writing here reflects the generally low journalistic standards and the political direction the place follows.  This place has a purpose and provides at least some useful information, but I do not see a Pulitzer in its future.

CGM5, Sat, 01/29/2022 - 18:23

You're rambling. Calm down, deep slow breaths, focus and stay away from so many video games.

ME Someone, Sat, 01/29/2022 - 18:25

I love that is all you ever have, NOTHING. Besides when you lie constantly and refuse to prove your positions, simply because you lie and can't.

CGM5, Sun, 01/30/2022 - 13:05

Scooter, maybe you should start taking naps. I hear they are good for calming the emotions.

ME Someone, Sun, 01/30/2022 - 17:16

See, nothing but poor attempts at insults. Republicans will do anything but actually prove what they are saying, because they can't and all they do is lie, this is proof. Keep it up, I love it.

“the courts deemed Trump’s border wall unconstitutional”

That’s a flat out lie! Although the 1.375 billion dollars that Congress appropriated for border wall construction did go through various legal challenges, it was eventually allowed to proceed by the Supreme Court.

Besides if what you are claiming is true, then why did the DHS announce on December 20 that it would be “closing gaps” left along the fence erected under Trump as a result of Biden suspending construction that doesn’t make any sense ;)


You never answered my question. If it’s true what you said, that “the courts deemed Trump’s border wall unconstitutional” then from where does Biden get the authority to “fill in the gaps” in the border wall as a result of him stopping construction.

ME Someone, Mon, 01/31/2022 - 17:47

You haven't provided evidence that he did.

You never answer any of my questions so why should I answer yours?

ME Someone, Mon, 01/31/2022 - 17:59

So you have nothing once again. Figures.

ME Someone, Mon, 01/31/2022 - 17:47

Provide evidence and I will take a look.

Look it up yourself. Try googling “Biden’s suspension of border wall left huge gaps” hope that helps ;)

OMG I gave you the exact search words to use! Does your mommy still have to wipe your ass or have you learned to do it yourself?

ME Someone, Mon, 01/31/2022 - 18:22

I want to know the source YOU used, not what google will give me.

ME Someone, Mon, 01/31/2022 - 18:31

You didn't try to prove your position at all. It is the little chain looking icon in the text box at the top. Push that and copy the link to where you received your information from. Easy, I don't know why you would refuse to prove your position unless you were lying.

Of all the BS claims by the left (which is a lot), what I find most ludicrous is the claim that “ border walls don’t work”…when up until Trump was elected, there was plenty of bi-partisan support for building it ;)

ME Someone, Mon, 01/31/2022 - 16:47

Prove it, I can't find anything about this. 

In Sept. 2006 Congress passed the “Secure Fence Act” with full support from then Senators Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

In fact, while most of the infrastructure required was finished under Bush, an additional 130 miles were built by Obama/Biden ;)

ME Someone, Mon, 01/31/2022 - 17:04

I can't seem to click on anything for actual proof instead of just words from a known and proven (multiple times) liar.

ME Someone, Mon, 01/31/2022 - 17:09

So you have nothing? Thank you for admitting it.

“We get it” (lol) so many LIES at some point it becomes difficult to keep them all straight ;)

ME Someone, Mon, 01/31/2022 - 16:48

You are the only one that lies. I provide evidence of my positions, you never provide anything but words. But republicans have to lie to even have anything resembling a point, so that is no big surprise at all.

I’ve got news for you. Half truths are simply lies dressed up as something else.

Anyway carry on all you’re doing is exposing yourself as the LIAR that you are ;)

“and has actually fought in court to keep Trump’s policies in place”

Yet another flat out lie! The only reason Biden re-instituted Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program is because he was court ordered to do so ;)

Biden did use title 42 to expel a few thousand Haitians after the shitshow he created when he invited migrants to “surge the border” I’ll give you that ;)

ME Someone, Mon, 01/31/2022 - 17:12

He clearly says "surge to the border all those people seeking asylum", seeking asylum is a form of LEGAL immigration.

You know that as I have proven you wrong before, yet you continue to lie and get called out. You must like me proving you wrong.

Uuuh…he invited them to “surge the border”…which like I said caused the shitshow to happen.

I know, I know, after he urged people to come he told them not to come lol.

ME Someone, Mon, 01/31/2022 - 17:44

Only people who were seeking asylum, it's right there in the video. Asylum is legal immigration.

Look, we get it that you don't want a certain type of people to come here, you have admitted to that before.

I didn’t claim otherwise, just that Biden was the one who created the shitshow by inviting them to come.

Such a boneheaded thing to do…especially considering the fact that he ended Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy as well ;)

ME Someone, Mon, 01/31/2022 - 18:13

The remain in mexico policy is for people seeking asylum, and has been reinstated anyway. As you yourself pointed out, trump allowed more of them to claim asylum than Biden has.

No. What I said is Biden only re-instituted Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program because he was court ordered to do so ;)

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