WATCH: Video of Family Being Arrested for Playing Loud Music Goes Viral


CHILDRESS, TX – A video circulating on social media Thursday showed Childress Police Officers arresting a family for disorderly conduct for playing music too loud in their front yard. During the incident three people were arrested with one of the suspects was tased.

Warning the following video contains disturbing, explicit language. Viewers discretion is advised.

In the video above, published on Jan. 12, Childress Police officers can be seen going into a home and attempting to arrest two men. In the video officers can be heard referencing disorderly conduct. Towards the end of the video a sheriff's deputy appears to arrest the woman behind the camera for interfering wit police duties.

The names of the individuals have not been released at this time but the mother of the two men, Norma Garcia posted the following statement.

"Childress police are saying my son's bc they where playing music in the day time my son had just had surgery and my daughter in law was pushed and just had a baby on top of that officer almost fell on my new born grandbaby not one officer provide warrants or reason to be on property and even arrest my son's they tazed my son while he was in handcuffs and where denied to enter the property and still continued to push and shove my daughter in law they oppressed the public I need this to go viral and I need justice for my son's" stated the post.

San Angelo LIVE! has reached out to the Childress Police Department for an official statement.

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Thats her side of the innocent story.

Would like to see how they innocently interacted with the POPO before she started recording.

As in any circumstance There is always 2 sides but just seeing this video one can tell that these officers let their authority go to their head I'd like to know the outcome of this upcoming lawsuit Those kids deserve justice


CGM5, Thu, 01/13/2022 - 16:46

Anyone that curses a cop to his face and is plainly resisting arrest is not a victim, I don't care what Mom says in between her F-bombs.


That's all you have after saying you hate the first amendment? Attempt to insult the person who called you out? Hilarious.

It astonishes me how foolish some people can be when dealing with the police.  While the cops ordinarily do a great job in difficult situations, they on rare occasions mess up.  Nonetheless, the best path to follow when dealing with them is to act like a rational human and not go all macho and stupid.  Odds are everybody will end up happier when the dust settles.

I happen to like cops.  I wish I had one living in my neighborhood.

"they on rare occasions mess up"

The issue is that when they "mess up" they can KILL an innocent citizen. That and they hardly ever get punished themselves for their "mess up", thought that is getting better lately.

About a hundred years ago I was hanging out with some of my semi-thuggish friends in a parking lot overlooking the Drag.  We were chatting with a couple of our favorite motorcycle cops, one of whom was famous in the day for being a badass.  At a traffic light about a block from where we were parked a local 'Vette driver launched his ride with great vigor and roared by us at full throttle.  Our cop amigos fired up their Harleys and roared off in pursuit.  We could hear the chase progress by the sound of the 'Vette going through the gears and the corresponding roar of the Harleys.  Some time passed.

A bit later our cops came back looking irritated.  One of us said to the badass, "John, did y'all catch him?"  His reply:  "No, the sumbitch made it to the city limits before we could pull him over."

Another of us said, "John, does it tick you off when one of us does that to you?"  He grinned and said, "Naw, I'll play ball with you boys, but if you stumble I'll stick the bat up your ass."

My point is this:  We, even as snot-nosed punk kids, knew how far we could go without REALLY bringing down trouble on ourselves.  I will also say John was fair with us.  I thought the guy was cool.

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