Cartel Smugglers Using Vacuum Trucks as Trojan Horses


LAREDO, TX – Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents intercepted two human smuggling attempts involving vacuum tankers at the U.S. Highway 59 immigration checkpoint, west of Freer, Texas.

The first incident happened at approximately 8:30 a.m. on Nov. 27, when a vacuum tanker approached the U.S. Highway 59 Border Patrol checkpoint.  The driver was referred to secondary inspection after a service canine alerted to the vehicle during an immigration inspection of the driver.  While searching the tanker, agents found nearly 30 illegal aliens inside the tank from the countries of Mexico and El Salvador.

Three days later on Nov. 30, a vacuum tanker approached the same checkpoint where a service canine alerted agents to the tank.  After a thorough inspection agents discovered nearly 40 illegal aliens inside the tank.  The individuals were from the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Illegals Smuggled in Vacuum Truck (Contributed/CBP)

Illegals Smuggled in Vacuum Truck (Contributed/CBP)

All of the undocumented individuals along with the drivers, both U.S. citizens, were taken into custody to be processed accordingly. The vacuum tankers were seized by U.S. Border Patrol.

Despite the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and even with low temperatures, human smugglers continue to show little or no regard for the safety of our Nation and for those that they smuggle into the country through dangerous conditions.  It is only through the continued vigilance of U.S. Border Patrol agents that those who might become trapped in cramped space like a vacuum tanker are rescued. Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents will continue to keep our country and communities safe from dangerous criminals and convicted felons as they strive to uphold the agency’s core values of Vigilance, Service, and Integrity.

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At least Biden's Border Patrol caught them! We wouldn't be in this mess if trump had stopped the surge when it started under his watch.

CGM5, Fri, 12/03/2021 - 12:31

Liar! biden caused this surge all by himself. If Trump were still in office this wouldn't be happening and everybody except YOU knows it.

"Yes you are absolutely correct. It did start under the last couple of months of Trump but, it was because of biden and his promises of amnesty, stopping border wall construction, and allowing all immigrants to come into the US instead of waiting in Mexico, increasing visas, and other things. Go ahead deny that! Covid caused it, my ass. Try some damn truth." -CGM5

CGM5 says that Biden promised amnesty, which is legal immigration for asylum seekers. He said he stopped border wall construction(which has proven useless), but that order didn't take effect until 2021, the current surge started in September of 2020. Same with the "wait in mexico" policy, he didn't end that until 2021, which is irrelevant since the surge started in September of 2020.

I love how you admit that Biden had more power than trump even though he wasn't president at the time.

EDIT: I added details and CGM5's entire quote since he always cries that I don't.

How's that? He only encouraged LEGAL immigration. Do you have something that proves otherwise?

CGM5, Fri, 12/03/2021 - 12:52

Ok, this is your cue to take something I wrote once and only use part of it then take it completely out of context and display it AGAIN as some sort of proof. You are such a loser.

I posted this a couple of days back and have done such many times in the past. Will I need to post it every time just to keep you from acting like a lying immature brainless child? I would be embarrassed if people thought of me like they do you.

So clear it up right now, did it start under trump like you have admitted before or did it not?

CGM5, Fri, 12/03/2021 - 13:59

I'm glad to see my comments forced you to edit and even omit some of your lies. At least that's a start.

What did I "omit"? I only added your entire comment because I am tired of hearing you cry about it.

Also, clear it up right now, did it start under trump like you have admitted before or did it not?

Lying about what? 

If you do not answer the question it will tell me that you are acknowledging the current surge started under trump like you originally admitted,

NOW, clear it up right now, did the current surge start under trump like you have admitted before or did it not?

The current surge has been happening ever since Brainless Biden told everyone to surge the border for claps at a debate.

CGM5, Fri, 12/03/2021 - 15:26

So now you are lying about lying, what a joke.

To answer the question you keep harping on, all you need to do is read slowly the second post you provided on this page. Now, read slowly and try to focus.

So you admit it started under trump. Good.

Lying about what? Be specific, you are purposefully being vague.

So still nothing then?

Why is it that all you republicans ever have is (very) poor attempts at insults? It's almost as if you have nothing to back up what you say.

Better than the left wing snowflake lame drivel links you post on your comments, which by the way NO ONE READS!!!!(:(:(:(:(: 

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