Large Groups of Illegal Immigrants Push Invasion Crisis at Southern Border


EDINBURG, TX – Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents interdicted six illegal immigrant smuggling attempts over the weekend that resulted in 56 arrests and identified two migrant stash houses.

On Nov. 19, McAllen Border Patrol Station (MCS) agents responded to a call for assistance from La Joya Police Department (LJPD) officers in a search for several individuals that fled on foot following a vehicle stop. Responding agents assisted in the apprehension of the driver who was identified as a United States citizen, and four illegals from Central America. LJPD took custody of the vehicle and driver. The illegal immigrants were taken into Border Patrol custody.

That evening, Weslaco Border Patrol Station (WSL) agents conducted a vehicle stop on a white Chevrolet Malibu at a gas station on Business 77 and FM 493. As the agent approached the vehicle, the occupants fled in different directions. The agent immediately apprehended one illegal individual and then witnessed the vehicle flee from the area. Responding agents assisted with four more illegal immigrant apprehensions. The immigrants are nationals from Mexico and El Salvador.

Later that night, WSL agents responded to a call for assistance from Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office deputies who were on scene at an abandoned trailer house with 23 suspected illegal aliens in Donna. Agents interviewed the subjects and determined all 23 were illegal immigrants from Central America and Mexico. No caretaker was identified.

Also on the night of Nov. 19, Corpus Christi Border Patrol agents responded to a call for assistance from a Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office deputy at a vehicle stop in Port Lavaca. The deputy conducted a vehicle stop on a white GMC Sierra hauling a travel trailer and encountered seven subjects hiding within the trailer. Responding agents determined the seven individuals were illegal immigrants from Mexico and Guatemala and placed them under arrest. The deputy took custody of the vehicle and driver to pursue state smuggling charges. Agents later discovered through record checks that one illegal was previously convicted of sexual assault of a minor and sentenced to five years confinement in Alabama.

On Nov. 20, MCS agents responded to a concerned citizen’s call regarding possible illegal immigrants loading into a green pick-up near Los Indios Road and Conway Avenue in Mission. Agents responded and attempted to conduct a vehicle stop on a green Ford Ranger. The vehicle failed to yield and led the agent on a pursuit and eventually came to a stop, where multiple people fled into the brush. A CBP Air and Marine Operations helicopter arrived to assist. A search of the immediate area resulted in the apprehension of five illegal immigrants from Honduras. The driver was not located.

That evening, Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station agents along with deputies from Starr County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) responded to a residence possibly being used to harbor illegal immigrants in Escobares. Upon arrival, authorities observed individuals fleeing through the residence’s windows. Agents apprehended 12 illegals from Mexico at the location.

All subjects were processed accordingly.

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Since the government is not going to do anything to stop these human cockroaches from invading us, give the armed Texans the authority to protect Texas and the remaining tide of these illegal criminals will last be seen headed South with no thoughts of ever trying to come back.... 

Right on time republicans want to take up arms to kill people. Is this all republicans think about is hurting or killing other humans? What kind of people do that? Bad ones for sure.

"human cockroaches" republicans don't even think of people as humans anymore, I guess that how they justify wanting to kill them.

Besides, this article is about Biden's Border Patrol CATCHING these people.

Remember this surge started under trump and trump had his own surge in 2019, which republicans said nothing about at the time.

Remember when Joe Biden said to surge the border if he’s elected? Why hasn’t this surge slowed down at all throughout this year like other years have? It’s because of Joe Biden

In the "surge the border" video republicans always misquote he clearly says "surge to the border all those people seeking asylum", seeking asylum is a form of LEGAL immigration.

Also, trumps surge in 2019 lasted just as long and only slowed down because of covid hitting the US at the beginning of 2020.

Of note is that trumps "remain in mexico" program did nothing to stop illegal border crossings, neither did the "wall". In fact illegal border crossing INCREASED because of the "remain in mexico" policy.

Asylum has been repurposed as a quasi-legal means to bypass the legal immigration process.  Furthermore, the persons seeking asylum are to make their asylum claim in the next nation they set foot in, not in whatever nation they choose.  Those leaving Nicaragua should claim asylum in Honduras, etc.  Immigration Law is being violated either way, by executive fiat, and has been for decades.  Trump is the first president in my lifetime that actually enforced the US immigration laws as written.  Unless the law is changed by congress, only legitimate asylum claims and legal applications for immigration should be processed, all others deported.  That's the LAW.  For those attempting entry into the US by foot, if they're not residents of either Canada or Mexico, they can't claim asylum.  If they've flown in or come by boat and the US is their first stop, they can claim asylum.  That's the LAW.  By the way, Asylum can be terminated according to the law, making it temporary in nature and at the discretion of US.  

8 USC Section 1325 & 1158

First off, here are the two laws you quoted per Cornell Law;

NEITHER one says ANYTHING about "the next nation they set foot in" in fact they say;

(1)In general

Any alien who is physically present in the United States or who arrives in the United States (whether or not at a designated port of arrival and including an alien who is brought to the United States after having been interdicted in international or United States waters), irrespective of such alien’s status, may apply for asylum in accordance with this section or, where applicable, section 1225(b) of this title.

There is no law, international or US, that says someone seeking asylum has to stop in another country before they reach the US.

This is republican propaganda. Everything you said is WRONG.

All true. I would add that there is strict criteria for who qualifies for asylum and who doesn’t…and just being “poor” is NOT on the list!

I really don’t blame people for wanting to make a better life for themselves and their children, but we simply can’t bear the burden of the entire world. Instead of showing up at our southern border and expecting to be let in, how about fixing your own country  what a concept.

I’ve got my own to take care of/worry about. As of now the gross federal debt amounts to $86,000 per person. Per taxpayer (not you MeMe) it’s like 3 times that much ;)


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