75 Illegal Immigrants Found Freezing in Locked Refrigerated Trailer


EDINBURG, TX – Falfurrias Border Patrol Station agents discovered 75 illegal aliens in a refrigerated trailer which was hauling pallets of flour Wednesday.

On Oct. 27, Falfurrias Border Patrol Station agents working at the Falfurrias Border Patrol Checkpoint conducted an immigration inspection on the driver of a tractor trailer. The primary agent was questioning the driver regarding his citizenship when a Border Patrol canine alerted to the trailer. 

The tractor trailer was moved to a secondary exam area where a second canine alert was recorded. Border Patrol agents opened the trailer doors and discovered 75 shivering illegal immigrants attempting to stay warm. 

They were all determined to be citizens from Central America and Mexico. The driver was placed under arrest and the 75 illegals were taken into custody. All of the subjects were medically screened, and no one required further medical attention. 

At the time of the discovery the trailer’s refrigerator was set to 58 degrees Fahrenheit and the doors were padlocked shut from the outside. The immigrants were unable to escape without someone opening the doors from the outside. 

Border Patrol is processing the subjects accordingly. 

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CGM5, Sun, 10/31/2021 - 07:55

Thank you joe biden for providing us with an endless supply of illegal aliens and putting so many lives in danger. In the normal world, only criminal types or the insane will put other people in danger to benefit themselves. 

Like refusing proven safe vaccines and banning masks in schools? Does that not put people in danger?

From the vaccination itself, or while vaccinated? Either way that is in the thousandths of a percent considering Billions of people all over the world have been vaccinated without issue.

Prove your numbers, post reference materials/evidence of your assertion.

Criminal and insane. I would say that pretty much covers the current administration’s handling of the border as well as other issues facing our country ;)

What other "issues"? Please be specific. You never answered in the other comment section when I asked the same question, so now you get a second chance.

CGM5, Sun, 10/31/2021 - 10:27

How about the Afghanistan clusterfk that biden created. I know you don't want to talk about that but, it should count as an issue.

You mean the deal that Trump purposely made to come to fruition after his term was up? The same deal Trump made that released over 5000 taliban prisoners that republicans don't like talking about?

Are you not happy we are out of Afghanistan? Or do you want a war that yet another republican started to continue?

You are just upset Trump didn't take credit for it, although he can take credit for the deal that started the process. Republicans were all about the withdrawal up until Biden actually did it. Trump even took credit for bidens withdrawal saying "they couldn't stop the process."

CGM5, Sun, 10/31/2021 - 15:54

If biden had followed Trump's plan for pulling out things would have been a lot different but, he followed his own plan and we see how that worked out.

The plan that Trump made that let over 5000 taliban out of prison?

Why are you so upset that we are done with a 20 year war that republicans started?

Good job by Biden's Border Patrol for catching them! Remember that this all started under Trump, and Abbott has just recently decided to do something about texas' border since his election campaign is about to start up. This is all inflated for the benefit of republicans to keep their base outraged, otherwise they might stop paying attention. The numbers we have seen over the last year are nothing new, we have seen these numbers before. Trump had a very similar surge in 2019 that republicans were silent about, they are only vocal now because they lost a fair election and are bitter.

CGM5, Sun, 10/31/2021 - 10:29

You have no defense for biden so as usual all you can do make up lies and twist the truth.

Everything I said is completely true, you just don't like the truth unless it's in your cults favor. If you have anything that proves me wrong please post it, as always I encourage it.

CGM5, Sun, 10/31/2021 - 15:50

Well cupcake, as you always tell others that make a statement, the burden of proof is on them or is that only true if it isn't you making up your usual lies???

You yourself has admitted that the current surge started under Trump.

Abbott starting to do something about the Texas border is on this website and I doubt you will argue that's not true.

Me saying that we have seen these numbers before I actually got from Blanco9 so you can ask that person where they got that information from, unless you are accusing Blanco9 of lying.

“The numbers we have seen over the last year are nothing new”

Like I’ve already explained to you, border encounters are in fact at a 20 year high…so what you’re claiming is a flat out lie ;)

You just admitted it, 20 years ago we saw these numbers. Therefore we have seen these numbers before.

But please do keep making your ridiculous excuses. As evidenced by recent polls, the bulk of the American people know full well who is to blame ;)

He's about where Trump was. Besides do you really think this will all matter in 3 years? All that will matter is that he pulled us out of Afghanistan. Which you obviously don't like him doing and still wish our military was in harms way in a war that republicans started since you keep crying about it.

Oh sorry. I didn’t realize that Trump’s approval rating, which btw bears no relevance to what is going on now, was the standard “you people” are using.

As for Afghanistan…like I’ve explained before, it’s not Biden’s withdrawal people have a problem with, it’s the incompetent manner in which he chose to do it ;)

That’s a lie Trump’s withdrawal was conditional on the Taliban not making advances. Even Biden’s corrupt DOD all but admitted they recommended leaving 2500 troops in Afghanistan ;)

The secretary of defense Lloyd Austin was confirmed by a senate vote of 93-2, looks like your republican leaders voted him in.

If it was so bad, why did your savior Trump take credit for it?

Did they leave 2500 troops there? No, so why are you crying about us leaving Afghanistan, I guess you want our troops to continue a republican war. 

There’s a term for those who try to push blame off on past administrations instead of admitting responsibility for the incompetent actions of the current administration…it’s called chickenshit ;)




The fact that you are attempting insults tells me I hit a nerve and you have nothing to add. Not to mention you are never able to counter my arguments with any proof of your own. 


What is wrong with you? Like I’ve told you NUMEROUS times, it’s not the withdrawal I have a problem with, it’s the incompetent manner in which Biden chose to do it!

To answer your question…yes, I would have preferred leaving troops in place, at least until all Americans, Afghan support personnel and military equipment were removed…apparently something Biden’s own DOD recommended as well ;)

There you go taking remarks out of context again! Hey it’s what you do…that and blame Trump for the incompetent actions of the current administration ;)

Here you said "all but admitted", and call the DOD "corrupt"

" Even Biden’s corrupt DOD all but admitted they recommended leaving 2500 troops in Afghanistan"


Here you say "apparently"

"until all Americans, Afghan support personnel and military equipment were removed…apparently something Biden’s own DOD recommended as well ;)"


Which you agree with the DOD, yet you claim they are corrupt?

So which is it did they say it or not? Do you support the DOD or are they "corrupt"? Show where you get your information because you are seriously contradicting yourself.

When asked in front of Congress they tap danced all around the question…said they weren’t going to discuss what they said to Biden, but that if asked, leaving 2500 troops in Afghanistan “would have been their recommendation” lol.

To be fair I think it’s chickenshit no matter which side does it…but definitely your modus operendi that’s for sure!

Sorry you’re having trouble keeping up. The reason I called the DOD “corrupt” has to do with another matter entirely ;)

Go back and look I’m sick of explaining things over and over and over to you ;)

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