Illegal Immigration Invasion Closes & Re-routes Traffic from Del Rio


DEL RIO, TX – U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced late Friday that the Office of Field Operations (OFO) Del Rio Port of Entry will temporarily close and re-route traffic from Del Rio to Eagle Pass to more effectively manage resources and ensure uninterrupted flow of trade and travel.

Tens of Thousands of illegal aliens have inundated Del Rio over the past few days creating a humanitarian crisis the Biden Administration is ignoring.

Consistent with established cross border travel management procedures, traffic that normally uses the Amistad Dam International Bridge and the Del Rio International Bridge will be directed 57 miles east to the Eagle Pass Port of Entry.

The Val Verde County Judge voiced his frustration earlier this week on social media

This temporary closure and shift is necessary in order for CBP to respond to urgent safety and security needs presented by an influx of illegal immigrants into Del Rio and is effective immediately.

It will advance and protect national interests and help ensure the safety of the traveling public, commercial traffic, and CBP employees and facilities.

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CGM5, Sat, 09/18/2021 - 12:53

Well, it's early afternoon on a Saturday and there isn't anything posted below this story. I guess there comes a time in any catastrophe, crises or tragedy that complaining or protesting is simply restating over and over the points and complaints that have been made several times. The liberals can only think up so many excuses and the same thing applies.

I can only hope this administration will come to their senses and help put a stop to what they have created. I'm not sure if this is being allowed to happen in order to punish Texas for being a red state, to continue to punish President Trump or to allow in as many illegals in as possible so that biden can grant amnesty. This would create a new huge democrat voting base because after this first term, I'm not sure Americans will want to vote for this administration ever again.

All of these people are waiting in Mexico, like you people wanted. Nobody forced them to come here. Natural disasters and poverty because of economic conditions and covid did. You people just want to blame the other side when it is politically advantageous for you. You were silent when this all started under Trump (although CGM5 has admitted that happened) and when Trump had a huge surge in 2019. Democrats don't need more people on their side, they are already the majority by far, so that point is irrelevant. The only people that punish states because of how they vote is republicans, as evidenced by Trump holding back covid supplies and ventilators early in the pandemic from states that didn't vote for him.

CGM5, Sat, 09/18/2021 - 15:20

I will try and use small words here so that you might be able to grasp the meaning. Someone, that means another person, in an earlier story has already explained to you that Del Rio is a town located in the state of Texas. Texas is fairly easy to find on a map. You can get another person to show you where it is. The other person can also show you that Texas is part of the USA. Since all the illegals are gathering in Del Rio (the town we just talked about), it means the illegals (the people that are sneaking in) are gathering inside the United States. As you go through this process, try not to rush and try not to get frustrated. I have faith that even you can understand this. Once you can comprehend this part then maybe we will address the rest of your rant.

They are all waiting on the mexico side of the bridge for processing. They are not "in" the US as in walking around inside us cities. Nobody forced them here, they are here on there own. This would have happened if Trump was reelected too, in fact it did in 2019.

Have you actually been to Del Rio? Okay then since we know the answer is no, unless you can actually prove it with a picture from your smartphone then shut your piehole. It's starting to smell a bit We should all start asking this me someone for picture evidence from their phone with timestamps and ip addresses. That way we know for sure right? Because otherwise it's 100% pure speculation at this point, back pedaling the entire way.


Sure have been. What makes you think I am on a phone and not an entire purpose built room full of computers and servers? Or on a Surface, iPad or other tablet? Maybe I could be using the web browser built into a Nintendo DS. All kinds of options really.

"shut your piehole"

See now I know I am getting to you. When you people try to silence me, I know I have struck a nerve, just have to ramp it up a bit I suppose.

"We should all start asking this me someone for picture evidence from their phone with timestamps and ip addresses"

So, because I am exercising my right to free speech, and I am saying things that hurt your feelings, you want to track me (I know about metadata, don't try to bait me, it won't work.) so you can find out who I am and harass me (or possibly worse)? Sounds about right-wing extremist to me. Joe has tried, that minister kook has tried, many have tried to find out who I am, and outside of a court order, which likely wouldn't work anyway for various reasons, you will never know who I am (can you even be sure that I am a single entity at all?). I will give you a hint though, one of you were very close a couple of months back ;)

And I didn't back pedal at all, I have always said that they were on the mexico side of the bridge, you people act like they are walking around in cities actually in the US public, they are not.

As you may know, since you're a medical doctor, people from other countries are bringing other variants of that "deadly disease" over from their places of origin. Are you okay with that??? Because some of them won't recognize the "vaccine" that is supposed to "protect us".

These words in quotation are from your comments directly btw.

Criteria exists as far as who is qualified for asylum. I hate to burst your utopian socialist bubble, but “natural disasters and poverty” are not included ;)

That link has nothing to do with illegal immigrants. just an fyi. There is a legal path of entry into the United States and sitting under the bridge in Del Rio waiting for Biden isn't one of them.

It's in the link "can I still apply for asylum if I enter the US illegally" the answer is yes. 

This Jeff Ls new account? I can't figure out if it is this one or the corruptedgovt one yet, has to be one of you two, or both.

I don't know who Jeff L is, but I do know that there are consequences for entering the country illegally and becoming a citizen isn't one of them.

"You are not currently in removal proceedings"

"You file an asylum application within one year of arriving to the United States or demonstrate that you are within an exception to that rule."

Quick tell me how many illegal entries actually gain rights as an American after entering illegally. The number is far lower than you 'd imagine. That's why we've had "mass amnesty" bills and sanctuary cities hiding them from deportation. Come to the country legally through the current channels and obey the law. That's all I ask. Nothing else will suffice. 

"Quick tell me how many illegal entries actually gain rights as an American after entering illegally. The number is far lower than you 'd imagine. "

Since you already know, show us all a link to how many.

Have they been vetted??? NOT

You will not be eligible to apply for asylum if you:· 

Filed your application after being in the United States for more than one year. However, you may qualify for an exception if you show

  1. changed circumstances materially affecting your asylum eligibility for asylum or

  2. extraordinary circumstances relating to your delay in filing.

  3. You must still file your application within a reasonable time under the circumstances to be eligible for an exception.

Changed circumstances may include but are not limited to:

  • Changes in conditions in your country of nationality or, if you are stateless, your country of last habitual residence
  • Changes in your circumstances that materially affect your eligibility for asylum, including changes in applicable U.S. law and activities you become involved in outside the country of feared persecution that place you at risk
  • If you were previously included as a dependent in someone else’s pending asylum application, the loss of the spousal or parent-child relationship to the principal applicant through marriage, divorce, death, or attainment of age 21

Extraordinary circumstances may include but are not limited to:· 

  • Serious illness or mental or physical disability, including any effects of persecution or violent harm suffered in the past, during the 1-year period after your arrival in the U.S.
  • Legal disability, such as your status as an unaccompanied minor or you suffered from a mental impairment, during the 1-year period after your arrival in the U.S.

Ineffective assistance of counsel, if:

  • You file an affidavit explaining in detail the agreement that you had with your lawyer about the actions to be taken by your lawyer on your behalf and what your lawyer told you he or she would do for you

  • You have informed the lawyer whom you are criticizing of the accusations against him or her and the lawyer has been given an opportunity to respond

  • You indicate whether you have filed a complaint with appropriate disciplinary authorities about any violation of your lawyer’s ethical or legal responsibilities, and if not, why not

  • You had Temporary Protected Status (TPS), lawful immigrant or nonimmigrant status, or you were given parole, until a reasonable period before you filed your asylum application
  • You filed an asylum application before the expiration of the 1-year deadline, but USCIS rejected your application as not properly filed, returned the application to you for corrections, and you re-filed your application within a reasonable time after the return
  • The death or serious illness or incapacity of your legal representative or a member of your immediate family

They are waiting on the mexico side of the bridge to be processed,  like you people originally said you wanted them to do, now it turns out that was a lie also. You people just don't want them here at all.

So without vetting and covid testing which is at the taxpayers expense (illegals and immigrants don't pay taxes for their first year or more) you're saying you are totally okay with letting these people in. That is the dictionary definition of an open border. You really are nuts, but if you agree to pay for all of that I guess I might be okay with it.

I said they are waiting for processing. Part if processing is covid testing and vaccination. I never said I wanted them here. I never said I didn't want them here. They are here for to try for a better life, which us supposed to be what this country is all about, just read the inscription on the statue of liberty. This is all enviable and has been going on for 60+ years, even these numbers have happened before. Republicans are just playing it up because they think it will help them in 2022 when some of them are up for reelection, like Abbott is.

Processing as per the link you supplied, takes up to 180 days. Times that by the case load we currently have and the sheer number of people lined up in del rio, that would take at least a year. Heaven forbid something as serious as another terrorist attack on our country should occur. I'm totally ok with them living in the United States as long as they have zero ill intentions against it. Simply put they need more time and a lot of it before they enter our country.

Also do you even read the garbage you spout on here on a daily basis? You accuse others of “blaming the other side when it’s politically advantageous”…all while blaming Trump for every single failure by the current administration ;)

And when Trump was president they blamed him for everything the other traitor in chief screwed up. Their political party has gone far downhill from the "blue collar" representatives we had three decades ago. 

You guys admitted yourselves the borders surge started under Trump. Trump himself took credit for the deal in Afghanistan and bragged that Biden couldn't stop it. I have proof of my assertions. You people never prove yours.

No "we guys" did not admit that. Have anything new ? Your R is bad D is good is pretty much a joke now, kind of like you. A joke haha not funny or true. Oh hey btw did you grab your ticket for the next abortion?? You know the murder of an unborn child

The “deal in Afghanistan” was conditional on the radical Islamist terrorists like the Taliban not doing what they did once Biden was voted into office…which is why prior to Biden abandoning our airfield in Bagram and the suicide bombing in Kabul, not a single American soldier was lost during an entire eighteen months which preceded those events ;)

You forgot to mention the 5000 taliban fighters that Trump let out of prison as part of his "deal" with them.

That was done by the Afghan government. The claim that it was done due to pressure from the Trump administration came from “Afghan officials” ;)

Easy. Not “let out of prison by Trump”, let out by the Afghan government ;)

At trumps request. If it wasn't for trumps bad "deal" they would still be there, he is directly responsible. See if a Democrat had done the same exact thing you people would have it on right wing news on repeat, but since it was a republican you try and justify it. That is all your party stands for, to be against what ever the Democrats are for, or be for what they are against.

At least you admit you are spinning it though, self awareness is the first step to rehabilitation after all.

Not a thing about the ACTUAL criteria involved with granting asylum, just about the process itself ;)

Asylum is based on case by case I think, some might be granted for reasons others are denied for.

“Asylum has two basic requirements. First, asylum applicants must establish that they fear persecution in their home country. Second, applicants must prove that they would be persecuted on account of at least one of five protected grounds: race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or particular social group.”

Again…absolutely nothing when it comes to “ natural disasters and poverty” those are NOT the criteria for being granted asylum ;)

They may have other reasons, i don't pretend to know other people's lives like you do. They would have to be processed first, that is why they are waiting on the mexico side of the bridge.

Not only a humanitarian crisis that the current administration has created, but it also has diminished the ability by the CBP to do their job of protecting our southern border! 

And all because brainwashed leftist ideologues like you voted a demented political hack into office, and therefore can’t possibly admit they were wrong ;)


This would have happened no matter who the president was, Trump had a surge in 2019 too. You guys used to say you wanted them to wait in mexico and to come here legally. Now they are doing just that and you still gripe. Same thing with Harris visiting the border, you gripe she hadn't been there and she goes and you just gripe she didn't goto where you wanted her to. You gripe that the vaccine wasn't FDA approved, now it is and you still gripe and won't take it. You gripe about ending the war and now Biden ended it (by trumps bad plan) and you gripe about how it was handled. You people will never be pleased no matter what happens, it pointless to even try.

No MeMe, everything would not be the same if Trump was still president. The only thing that would have remained the same is the propensity for brainwashed leftist ideologues like you and those in the media to blame him…because you know, Orange Man bad ;)

Meanwhile here's a video of Joe Biden supporting a well known socialist republic. China

"They're not bad folks.... folks" "Why shouldn't China prosper"  

These are not words that should ever be heard from our president.

Reminds me of trump praising the taliban and calling bin laden "not that bad of a guy"

Are you walking back that you admitted that this surge started during trumps presidency?

More of the do nothing demoncrat/socialists increasing the border crisis. Anyone who defends current administration on the border crisis are delusional and just as evil.

They're also inadvertently admitting that they are okay with open borders, illegal immigration, and the import of new variants from these illegal immigrants. Meanwhile deflecting everything as being "the republicans faults". It is a classic play from the democratic handbook and they use it daily. It really is a shame that they'd rather defend some people that aren't Americans, who btw are currently struggling horribly in many of our major cities just as much as those "migrants", instead of standing up with a firm backbone and turning them away. We aren't racists like AOC was just recorded saying on live tv btw, we just want the people that are suffering here in America to be taken care of, and right now that isn't happening. I know their retort will start with "Well" you republicans started all of this ..... more deflection. You know people with shields up pointing their fingers are always the guilty ones right??? And when you point a finger there are 3 other fingers pointing back at you. 

"we just want the people that are suffering here in America to be taken care of"

Really, because republicans won't allow democrats to pass any Medicare for all or wage increase bills, childcare assistance, and many others that would help Americans, in fact republicans constantly call people "welfare queens" and say that too many people are receiving government assistance. Not to mention all of the states that refuse to expand medicaid are republican run. The people of Missouri even voted to expand medicaid and republicans refused to do it. Dont lie and say thet you people want to take care of Americans, because you have blocked everything that would do so for decades.

Different “surge” that one started under Obama ;) Which is why one of the first things Trump said was, in order to fix our broken immigration system, we must first secure our southern border!

Besides it wasn’t anything even remotely close to what’s going on now, and anyone with half a brain knows it!

Oh so now you are willing blame a previous president. You gripe at me for doing that very same thing all the time. Thank you for proving yourself and republicans hypocrites. 

I am talking about the surge trump had in 2019, which you have admitted happened. And the current one which you also admitted that started under trump.

Like I said anyone with half a brain knows that the CURRENT crisis at the border caused by Biden is far worse than anything we’ve seen before ;)

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