Kerrville Man Planned Mass Shooting at Walmart


KERRVILLE, TX – A Kerrville Man has been arrested after planning to commit a mass shooting at a Wal-Mart.

The Kerr County Sheriff’s Office, FBI, and Texas DPS arrested 28-year-old Coleman Bevins. In an intercepted message and after talking to Bevins on the phone,  Kerr County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Bevins was planning on attacking a Wal-Mart but did not specify which store.

Bevins was arrested on Friday and law enforcement readied a warrant to search his home.

Inside Bevins’ house, they found firearms, ammunition, concentrated THC, electronic evidence, and radical ideological paraphernalia including books and flags.

The Kerr County Sheriff, Larry Leitha said, “Our investigators did outstanding work in this case, and possibly saved many lives. The plot interrupted in this case is unthinkable. We appreciate the assistance of all our law enforcement partners, including the FBI, DPS, KPD, and Secret Service. We’d like to remind the public - if you see something, say something. The KCSO, working with other law enforcement professionals, will continue to stop threats to our community, and bring those responsible to prosecution.”

Coleman Bevins is still currently in jail.


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" radical ideological paraphernalia including books and flags."

You can clearly see the confederate flag there in the picture. For those who don't know, the confederacy was a group of southern states that were traitors to the United States of America and split before starting a war with the US. They LOST the war and have (mostly) voted republican, at least in modern history.

Don't forget Dems and Pubs switched ideology about race. That's why "not all republicans are nazis, but all Nazis are Republicans." Not rocket science.

The confederate flag was probably his racist democrat grandpappy’s from back in the day ;)

Also a Neo Nazi black sun flag, a Saudi flag, a Falangist flag...the party of Francisco Franco and a Russian Orthodox flag.

Books included a white supremacist novel, copies of Revolt Against the Modern World by Julia’s Evola and Harassment Architecture by Mike Ma. AND a copy of the Qu’ran!

Obviously nut jobs from both sides, but if you ask me, this particular one has more in common with the fascist left than with the right.

I personally have no use for demagogues...those who “rhetorically exploit an issue for political purposes.”

But hey it’s just what those on the left do so SSDD ;)

Which issues for example? Can you show where the left "exploit an issue for political purposes"?

I am just saying give me some examples of the left  “rhetorically exploiting an issue for political purposes.”

If you found it then post the link, you did so well with earlier, for which I am really proud of you, and will be using that website for reference in the future since it is acceptable to you.

Pay attention I’m not going to tell you again. We are not friends...look it up yourself ;)

You do know that works for you as well right? But since you never show proof of your "interpretations" I guess we can all assume you just make things up.

We? You mean you and the ONE other brainwashed leftist ideologue on here lol.

Assuming you’re not the same person I’m not so sure that you’re not ;)

No we are NOT the same person. In fact I think that they may be a person that is a plant from your side, as I have said before. You know me well enough to know that I don't need an "alter ego" for me to say what I want and how I feel, there is simply no need for me to have another screen name. Your side on other other hand could use it to your advantage to make those on the left look bad (or worse according to your perspective.)

Here is a question: Would I want to make myself or my side look bad (or worse)? OR would the other side want to make myself or my side look bad (or worse)?

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