Dude, Where'd the CBD Store Go?


SAN ANGELO, TX – One of the first businesses to open up in hopes of making it in the CBD industry in San Angelo has officially called it quits. 

As first reported on February 14, 2019, Nexcel Health and Wellness Center opened it's doors for the Chamber of Commerce. This was the first store in San Angelo that opened it's doors with the idea of only selling CBD products. Here is the original story: Dude, Store Opens in San Angelo to Sell Oil from Hemp Leaves

The owners of the establishment brought the business into San Angelo to try and spread the benefits of CBD. 

"In the states where they are using CBD, these states have had less disease," claimed Steve Smith owner of Nexcel. "Once I learned that I  started to find the best CBD manufacturer in the world."

They originally started the business in New Mexico before moving down to Texas. 

In 2018, the Texas Legislature began allowing farmers to grow hemp and sell it for it's oils or twine. With this business across the state starting popping up to sell items like buds, seeds, oils, or really anything with CBD in it. 

Since Nexcel opened a number of different dispensaries have popped up. Different convenience stores and head shops have also began selling CBD. 

The building, located at the intersection of Johnson and University across the street from Angelo State University, is now up for lease. 



According to ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/ Before buying CBD products, customers should consider that the products have been asssesed and tested for their efficacy and safety. There are three phases of tests that CBD products will go through cannabinoid profiling, overall testing and verification process. This process may be tedious and takes up a lot of time and money however distributors are serious about promoting the wellbeing of their customers and be more knowledgeable about their purchases, their health and body's needs to nesure that each product is not only efffective but pure and safe to use.

Make sure it's third-party lab tested like CBD products available at https://biomdplus.com/cbd-oil-for-anxiety/

Correction: It was the Texas Legislature, not Texas Farm Bureau, that now allows farmers to grow hemp.

None for me ! The whole cannabis crave it outrageously dumb IMO. How did people survive prior to cannabis products. Glad the store didn't make it, that gives me faith in my community.

Didn't make me happy. They closed a store. I know a lot of old people friends over 60 that have found it as a miracle. They took away all their pain management and now you see all the older people trying to get something to help this problem. If you go to pain management now it's all old people with serious conditions just trying to be free of pain walking with walkers have all kinds of chronic illnesses. Won't even get started with alcohol. Have a drink instead of a rub that you put on your body and it definitely works. Open more shops please.

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