No Prison Time for Trio Caught with 54 lbs of Pot Across from San Angelo Elementary School


SAN ANGELO, TX – The final defendant in the Anglin Family saga stood before Judge Woodward’s court today for a pre-trial diversion hearing. 

Shelda Anglin, in conjunction with her son and husband, had been charged back in May of 2018 with possession of marijuana of nearly 54 pounds. A search of their home, located across the street from Lamar Elementary, resulted in police finding marijuana, a digital scale, a marijuana grinder, numerous plastic bags, and over $7,500 in cash.

The Anglins were charged with possession of marijuana in a quantity greater than 50 pounds but less than 2,000, a Second-Degree Felony. This is a crime that can carry prison time of 2-20 years and a fine of up to $10,000.

When a person enters into a pre-trial diversion, the prosecution and defense agree to divert the trial for an established time frame and place the defendant on pre-trial probation. Once the time-frame has passed and the defendant complies with all the conditions, the D.A.’s office will dismiss all of the charges in the case and the defendant will be free to go without having to plead guilty to any crime relating to that matter.

Anglin was ordered to comply with her probation and pay a monthly fee of $68. This will cover the monthly supervision fee that is $60, plus court costs and restitution.

Conditions of pre-trial diversion probation can include narcotics anonymous meetings twice a week, having a full time job, random drug testing, probation fees, not leaving Tom Green County without prior written permission and any other conditions ordered by the court.  

Anglin’s husband and son, ZZYZX B. Anglin, Sr and ZZYZX Benjamin Anglin, Jr. both pled guilty and received deferred adjudication. They are all expected to complete probation for several years and pay fines and restitution. 



You know Cajun Texan, I’ve tried to refrain from even acknowledging any ignorance of any kind concerning my family and what we have been through...
You sir are a douche, enough bashing my name, or my sons name, you got a comment concerning anything other than specific personal attacks, we all are dazzled with your literary genius command of written language, but I will sit by no longer as you bash my given name and my son’s.
Think what you want about what happened, ENOUGH with your piece of feces mouth. Put your name out there, love to hear how big of a man you are in a public forum with personal info.

I don't feel I have to cater to the feelings of a drug dealing family doing so adjacent to a school zone. I think you all were very lucky to get off without prison time.
As far as my commentary concerning your first name, sarcastic as it may be, I did look it up to see if it had any significant meaning, political, religious or otherwise and found nothing more than a man named Curtis H Springer made up the name and assigned it to the town previously known as Soda Springs, CA in the Mojave desert, claiming that the name is the last word in the English dictionary. All just puffery for his mineral springs and health spa business.
If you were indeed given that name at birth by your parents, I apologize for the affront. If you changed your name to Zzyzx, I must conclude you did so in order to get some attention, and some small bit of attention I paid you, welcomed or not.

Jeff L, Wed, 11/06/2019 - 05:42

how much did tgc get paid to agree with these silly terms.

“I wish I could show you what a small marihuana cigarette can do to one of our degenerate Spanish-speaking residents.” - Harry J. Anslinger (commissioner of the Treasury's Federal Bureau of Narcotics, circa 1930's)

If you've ever wondered about the origins of the fallacious factoids about Cannabis, look up the name Harry Anslinger.

Harry was the first commissioner of the Treasury's Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the foundation of today's DEA. In Cannabis' 10,000 year old recorded history of recreational and medicinal use, all it took was one overzealous bigot to kickstart a campaign of misinformation and scare tactics, which an ever-increasing number of people are beginning to question and see for what it is.

With negligible scientific evidence to support Anslinger's claims, he played on the prejudices and ignorance of his audience. Cannabis was sensationalized as a precursor to mental illness and criminal behavior. It was also scapegoated as the inspiration behind all the "Satanic (Jazz) music" which was corrupting the nation's youth. Anslinger also asserted that Cannabis loosened the inhibitions of the user, causing them to engage in interracial sexual affairs and unions, and was more often than not, a conspiratorial tool utilized by people of color to soil the minds of impressionable white children.

Until Harry's reign, Cannabis was widely known as.....well, "Cannabis". Knowing, however, that every disciple of his with their heads secured firmly up their asses may need a little word association as icing on the cake, Anslinger saw to it that his prohibition campaign and legislative plan he proposed to Congress, would specifically refer to Cannabis as "Marihuana", a term to be consciously associated with minorities, specifically Mexican immigrants.

While today, much of Anslinger's bullshit propaganda would be seen as little more than the rantings of a xenophobic, racist old fart, much of the same tactics in delivering discombobulated falsehoods about Cannabis are still in play, and to our detriment, remain widely accepted.

Fortunately, the cliche "marijuana is a gateway drug" is becoming just as laughable as Anslinger's assertion that "reefer makes darkies think they're as good as white men." For all the societal decay and psychopathy that Cannabis use is often attributed to, evidently there seems to be more parallels to be drawn between the aforementioned and it's most boisterous opponents, than any of the most dedicated tokers I've ever known.

The presence of an association or relationship does not necessarily imply causation (a causal relationship), and the study you cited, itself, states "Cannabis use appears to be neither a sufficient nor a necessary cause for psychosis....research is needed to understand the mechanisms by which cannabis causes psychosis."

I've actually read about this study before, and the expert's conclusions all seem to infer that the risks should not be overstated, given the need for further research, especially in consideration of the wider context of other contributing factors in mental health. Cannabis has a differential risk on susceptible versus non-susceptible individuals (e.g. familial histories of psychiatric disorders) and is more likely to produce long-term psychiatric effects in individuals with said risk factors, than those without.

The studies actually provided more evidence that schizophrenia risk more so predicts the likelihood of trying Cannabis, than providing any significant proof that Cannabis contributes to psychosis.

i can only assume they must have rolled over and snitched on whoever they were buying from/dealing to?

I won't poke fun at your name or your inability to escape some responsibility for giving 54 pounds of pot a place to sleep, right next to Lamar, the first house on the corner. What I will do is put my name out there and say that what is "garbage", is you wanting to play "moral high road" all of a sudden when someone calls names. It's not as though you are just a recreational pot smoker who had say, an eighth on them for personal use by a school. You were found to be in possession of 54 pounds. I just aim to say, while I believe that you and your family have a chance to make it right, you haven't exactly earned any sympathy from society. If I was you, I would make sure to keep a low profile and try not to violate my probation because my pride was hurt. I don't think the shame will last, but it is too soon for the "2 wrongs don't make a right" arguement from you. You can't be serious after all this stuff y'all went through, all you have to say on SAL is that it's garbage some dude made fun of your names.

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