Mom Freaks Out When, She Says, Man Attempts to Abduct 8-Year-Old Son from Car at Gas Pumps


SAN ANGELO, TX — Late this morning, Carol pulled up the gas pumps at the Allsup’s at Main St. and the Houston Harte. Carol is not her real name. After we verified who she was, she asked that she not be identified by her real name.

“I had just finished putting my credit card in the pump,” she said. “When I turned around to check on my kids in the back seat, I saw a third head!”

Carol said her two boys, ages 3 and 8, were in the back seat of her vehicle. “I saw this man pulling on my 8-year-old son,” she said. “He was trying too pull him out of the car!”

Carol said her son was freaked out because he is also autistic. “I saw my son grabbing for dear life on his little brother’s car seat.”

“I asked the man, ‘What are you doing?’” she said.

The man exited the vehicle and apologized. He claimed he thought the car was his, he told her. He then ran off as Carol dialed 9-1-1 on her cell phone.

“The Allsup’s people said he’d been in the parking lot hanging out all morning. They said he told them he was waiting on a ride,” Carol sad.

When police arrived, they took the report from Carol but the man was nowhere to be seen. Police told us they located him a while later.

The man also told police that he “mistakenly entered what he thought was a friend’s vehicle,” according to San Angelo Police Department Spokeswoman Cpl. Tracy Piatt-Fox.

No arrests were made, police said.

Police did not identify the subject, but parties who saw the man today said he may have been mentally ill. “He wasn’t all there,” one person told us.

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This is why these mental people need to be locked up for life in asylums like in the old days..... If they are mental idiots, they have no productive reason to be in society and for their own preservation, they need to be secluded from the rest of society.

out of the people's minds, in the "better sides of town".

Drive/walk down N.Chadbourne on any given day -- nothing but vagrants and drugged up zombies.

Some milling about store entrances, others just wandering about talking to themselves.

At night they take to the allies and case out easy targets, scoping out anything of value to make off with before dawn.

Trash pick up is tomorrow, here in my neighborhood, and sometimes I like to leave my yard equipment out in plain sight, just a hop and a few steps away, in my back yard as I relax in a cozy corner.

I'll hollar at you Joe, if things ever get "interesting" -- just let me help choose the headline.

For what it's worth, here's an opposing opinion on the value of talking to oneself.…

Also, I have to assume that Larry "The Real Patrick Bateman" Deces is joking about hanging out in his backyard to bait insane "vagrants and drugged up zombies" with his landscaping equipment, since to interpret his comments literally would lead me to the conclusion that L. Dawg is a psychopath... which would be consistent with many of the things he unironically writes here, but no matter.

I don't believe that every person living on the streets of San Angelo is mentally ill or an addict, but there are a good number of them among the mix, for sure. It's often difficult to know until you have a conversation with them—if you're brave enough. I would think that the easiest solution to something like the situation covered in this article is to have the police follow up.

Stats show that just over 1/4 of homeless persons who frequent any given shelter in the U.S. are afflicted with some sort of mental illness, with just under half, not only being mentally ill, but chronic substance abusers.

In defense of our beloved local hobos, not all are out ripping us off or seeking out a fix. Most (from what I've observed) are more often simply public nuisances -- panhandling, loitering, defecating in public parks etc..

Whether one is an emaciated meth head, a listless bum, or both, they're certainly problems we all deal with, directly or indirectly. What both have in common, is that they're indeed problems which shouldn't be OURS.

What do we do with stray animals, who're no doubt the products of domestic pets, belonging to irresponsible owners? Through no fault of their own, an innocent cat or dog can be indiscriminately tossed into a cage, put to death soon after, with the entire charade being considered a "service".

Some tend to look upon street dwellers and druggies with an odd, eschewed sense of sympathy, as if their lifestyle was thrust upon them through some stroke of bad luck or unforeseen happenstance. Most of these people we read about, daily. They've led a life of perpetual failure, due to the choices they've made: "..the rules don't apply to ME". Now the public at large is supposed to give a shit, if some of these characters don't have shelter from the elements, or food in their bellies.

There are programs to aid those in need, but they usually have requisites which some of this ilk are simply unwilling to fulfill -- you know, hard stuff, like staying sober, keeping appointments. Some ask, where are their families? Well, even families can be brought to their breaking points, and for the sake of their own financial well being, or sanity, many inevitably have to cut ties.

I believe if we can stomach a "service" which looks at an unwanted litter of innocent kittens as expendable pests, we should hold people to the higher standards and expectations, which we seem to do in most arenas, until "shit gets a bit too real": a hobo is found to be making a pest of himself, panhandling, harassing people in parking lots, pissing on the side of Stripes or simply wandering around traffic inebriated, they should be carted away to a holding facility. Feed them, give them medical aid (if needed). Make them as comfortable as possible for a week or so, allowing the opportunity for a family member or bleeding heart to "adopt" them, and sign a legal agreement, essentially making them responsible for anything and everything from their personal upkeep to legal troubles. If no one's in the market for a cuddly, lice covered vagrant or a adorable meth'd-out companion who'll entertain you with the "guess what's missing from your house today" game, then they're humanely "put down", forthwith.

The term "euthanasia" is derived from Greek, meaning "good death", and we all like things which are "good", right?

Humans have a spirit, something very unique and different from any other species on earth, we speak to each other and express emotions... Our intelligence has led us to discover that mankind was created in the image of God and is inherently valuable... any differentiation from that is a result of sin in the world, that's why so many would be able to kill a home invader, not so much a bum, bro.

"Lares." Ancient Roman household gods associated with one's ancestors. My Latin isn't so great, but "Lares Deces" means something like, "The Ancestral Gods/Spirits Speak."

...Just going by the numbers you've provided here, (which neither of us have given a substantiating link for here, and which appear to be "ballpark figures," as it is,) it's essentially a "coin toss" as to whether a particular bum of whatever stripe is unstable, and if they are unstable, another coin toss as to whether controlled substances are involved. It's like saying that there's a 50/50 chance that any given homeless person is an otherwise responsible Republican who has fallen on hard times and will be off the street once they procure sufficient employment or a just a Democrat.

The fact that you would want to euthanize your fellow homonids because their work schedules may not coincide with the hours of whatever "hand up" services are provided, however, makes you a far more insidious public nuisance in my eyes. If you had the power to enact such a plan, (secretly of course, as it would never be tolerated by society at large,) personally I'd go into homelessness just to have you try to enact it upon me so I could trace those actions back to you.

If you want "canned hunts," start a war, and I hope you're as immortal as the legendary Greco-Roman gods or the "lares" you've named yourself after if you do...

That is the most uneducated, ridiculous comment I have read on San Angelo Live. And, trust me, that is saying a LOT!
People with mental illness have every bit of a right to live a normal life, outside of an asylum, as you do. Obviously, if they do something illegal, they need to be punished, just like anyone else; but, to say "mental people need to be locked up in asylums like the old days," is an insult to every person with mental illness who has worked toward recovery, and is working hard to live a productive life. Have some compassion!

To police their own property to keep the transients moving on instead of letting them camp out behind or where ever at these businesses. Just another reason for good folks to be very aware of their surroundings all the time and get a CCL.

or charges. WTH
Attempted kidnapping charges are in order. Get him in jail.

I work at a business on Main St and there is a constant stream of these type of people walking up and down the street all day. There are a lot of seemingly homeless people with either mental health or drug issues, rambling and gesturing wildly to themselves. I'm not surprised that this happened.

Lares, get a corduroy pillow if you want to make headlines! You may be able to get one in a back alley transaction for your weed eater. :)
In all seriousness, defense of yourself, and your family is all in a preparedness mindset that you have to acquire long before an incident ever occurs. Keep your heads on a swivel out there people. Glad nobody was hurt!

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