Man Arrested After Dragging Girlfriend Then Running Over Her Mother with Car


SAN ANGELO, TX – A man was arrested on Thursday after dragging his girlfriend and then running over her mother with his car. 

On May 9, San Angelo Police Department were dispatched to 600 block of Koberlin St for an unknown problem. When they arrived they found a girl screaming for help from her boyfriend. 

Officers detained 23-year-old Favian Martinez Jr after learning that the girlfriend's mother had been ran over. She was taken to Shannon Emergency Room and was met by SAPD detectives. 

According to the affidavit, when detectives met with the mother she was in extreme pain and the front of her right ankle had several inches of bone showing. After meeting with the mother, they interviewed the girlfriend and gathered the following information. 

The incident started behind the house in the alley of the residence on Koberlin St. Martinez and his girlfriend were in an argument about Martinez wanting to go one place and his girlfriend not wanting to leave. The two were discussing this while Martinez was in the driver seat of his 2012 Nissan Altima. 

Martinez then held his hand out and asked for a kiss. She went in for the kiss and Martinez grabbed her by the arm and began to drive forward. The girlfriend told police that he was driving faster than she could run and that it was probably around 15-20 mph. Police say as the girlfriend was being dragged down the alley she remembers begging "please, please, please" while he replied "Pick your feet up." 

Martinez eventually stopped the car, and the mother ran up after. She told poilce that she saw Martinez grab her by the arm and haul a**. Martinez then picked up the girl and put her into the passenger seat and a physical altercation between him and the mother ensued. During the altercation the girlfriend tried crawling over to the drivers side in an attempt to escape but Martinez went to the passenger side and got on top of his girlfriend. 

Martinez then grabbed the mother, while she was trying to help her child, and hit the accelerator with his hand and ran over the mothers leg. Police say the girlfriend remembers Martinez saying "That's what that stupid b**** gets" as he ran her over. The car continued to roll and Martinez told his girlfriend to drive or let him drive because cops were on the way. 

The girlfriend told him that she would switch seats but when they did she was able to take off her shoes and run away. Martinez chased after her, but by the time he caught her SAPD was there to arrest him. 

Martinez was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was released from jail on Sunday on a $20,000 bond. 

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However, the sad part is, as soon as they bond him out of jail, they'll all be sitting in the backyard drinking beer and enjoying homemade menudo again.....

The details are indicative of at least 3rd degree kidnapping.

Why the hell not? It'd give the community a nice fuzzy feeling, to see this knuckle dragger caged up for an extra 20 years or so.

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