Swarm of Bees Viciously Attack Llamas in Grape Creek


GRAPE CREEK, TX -- A heard of Llamas was in a serious danger on Thursday after a swarm of bees attacked them. 

On April 4, the Grape Creek Fire Department received a call about a swarm of bees attacking a herd of llamas. 

The firefighters arrived to the 10,000 block of Harvest Drive to find two men had started a control burn that irritated a bee hive which caused them to attack a near by llama herd. 

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The firefighters controlled the bees after just about a 30 min fight. Besides a few bee stings no llamas were seriously hurt. 

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.....Jesus, that's funny....I was thinking the same thing, because that stuff makes my teeth itch.....

I wonder when these attacks happen if the county/state tests these bees. I try not to hurt honey bees when I come across them and I dang sure watch out for them, for all the other flying stinging bastards I have a special liquid con concoction in my sprayer for them(:

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