Men-to-Women Jail Booking Ratio Nearly 8:1


The male-to-female ratio of inmates booked into the county jail on Wednesday was nearly 8:1. Twenty-three in total, only three of those inmates were female, and two of those were booked on warrants while the third checked in for a court-ordered commitment. 

Seven of those put behind bars stand accused of committing offenses within the last 24 hours, which included charges for assault, terroristic threats, forgery, public intoxication and DWI. 

Twenty-one inmates were released on Wednesday.



This is the kind of BS that people get taken in for when they were lively enough to bring attention but not scary enough to keep from getting caught. If past murders, robberies, and the way the court has dealt with the issue of child rape have taught us anything, it's that being careless, easy to apprehend, and conspicuous or "suspicious looking" are what actually get people into trouble out in West Texas. Heck, if someone were to suggest that individuals in the local justice system are culpable for condoning the actions of Thomas Boden and that they have failed all law abiding citizens with their perverse indifference to the suffering of children, it's likely that this would be made out to be something "terroristic."

What we have here is absurdity on the part of justice system. People are too willing to let themselves be carted off with inflated charges without ever thinking to strip the imps responsible for the legal hot air of their positions and salaries. We've decided to spurn young men instead of developing them into active, contributing members of our community and our democracy.

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