Prescription Pill Dealer Sentenced to Five Years Probation


A San Angelo prescription pill dealer was sentenced to five years probation on Wednesday, after pleading guilty to manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance >/= 28 grams<200 grams.

Shane Patrick Nelson, 31, attracted the attention of a concerned resident on Schwartz Road on Nov. 8, 2013, when DPS received a call of two suspicious vehicles passing by houses in the residential neighborhood. When DPS Sgt. T Marlatt responded to the scene, he observed to vehicles parked on the side of the road. As the trooper approached, one of the vehicles sped away, spinning the tires.

Marlatt quickly stopped the vehicle and called another trooper to assist, obtaining consent to search the vehicles by the occupants. In one of the vehicles, operated by Sidney Patton, several prescription pill bottles were found located in the glove box, as well as a large envelope with unknown pills contained inside. Patton stated the pills belonged to him and was ultimately arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

A passenger then alerted officers that there was marijuana and a pipe located in the trunk along with more illegal pills. Nelson, also on scene, stated that he had been purchasing pills from Patton. He was also placed under arrest.

Once in custody, Nelson waved his rights and consented to an interview with DPS Detectives, during which he admitted to selling prescription pills and using marijuana.

Nelson told investigators that there was a quantity of pills for sale at his residence, located in the 4700 block of Jackson St. He also admitted to having marijuana at his residence, and consented to a search.

During the search of Nelson’s apartment, investigators located six unmarked pill bottles; a plastic baggie with an assortment of pills; and over 660 pills of five different types weighing in at over 328 grams. A handgun, shotgun, digital scale, 1.9 ounces of pot and $1,220 in cash were also listed as evidence.

In a follow-up interview, Nelson admitting to purchasing ounces of hydroponic marijuana and breaking it down into “grams and eighths”, a court document states, then selling those off at $20 and $60 intervals. Nelson stated he received the hydro from a local male dealer, but refused to provide officers with a name.

In January, a grand jury indicted Nelson on the manufacture/delivery charge. Nelson plead guilty to the charge at 2:20 p.m. on Wednesday, and was sentenced to eight years probated down to five and a $2,000 fine. He is also responsible for completing 240 hours of community service.



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