District Attorney Issues Statement on Schmidt's Sentence


Allen Schmidt was sentenced to 10 years probation and a $10K fine on Wednesday for his role in the death of Marine Sergeant Donald Di Pietro on March 9, 2013 on Christoval Road near the Party Ranch.

The District Attorney's Office issued the following statement with regards to the sentence:

So much was lost when this defendant made the choice to aid a person he knew was intoxicated operate a vehicle. Our office recommended a penitentiary sentence for Mr. Schmidt based on the circumstances surrounding his conduct. Although the jury disagreed with that recommendation, we respect their decision to give the defendant the maximum sentence and fine they could give without sending him to the penitentiary, and the judge's imposition of the maximum term of probation allowable by law.

Hopefully the tragic facts and reckless conduct involved in this case will remind our community to be vigilant as they travel our roadways. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Di Pietro family for the loss of their son and to the Marine Corps for the loss of their fellow marine.




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