The Silence is Deafening; The City's New Weather Warning System Failed Again


SAN ANGELO, TX – One of the primary functions of local government, city government, is to keep citizens safe.

That's why we pay taxes. 

The City of San Angelo failed that primary function Saturday morning when severe storms damaged parts of the city without warning . 

The San Angelo Fire Department and Emergency Management is tasked with warning the public when severe weather is imminent. 

The current system failed San Angeloans Saturday morning. 

Citizens have been informed by the San Angelo Fire Department that the new NIXLE system would warn them of weather danger. 

That did not happen Saturday morning and the same system has failed in the past. 

There is a petition on social media demanding the city and county reinstall the warning siren system that used to exist. 

Here is the latest from the city about debris clean up:

City crews are working through the hardest hit areas of town to clear tree limbs and other large debris from the roadway to allow safe passage of vehicles. 

Any tree limbs and small debris that homeowners may have from the storm can be placed in accordance with the bulk pick-up guidelines located on our website at The city and Republic Services will work to collect this debris during the normal bulk collections schedule. We ask that citizens please cut tree limbs in 4-ft. lengths and bundle them if possible. 

The citizen’s free dumping program at the landfill (3002 Old Ballinger Highway) can be used for construction debris (roofs, etc.) that exceeds the bulk collections limits. To utilize this program, please have your most recent municipal services statement (aka the water bill) and a valid ID with a name and address that matches the name and service address on the statement. For more information on the landfill please visit



Jack, Sun, 08/23/2020 - 06:58

We were woken up by the alerts coming over our phones. However, from alert to impact was less than 10 minutes. This article is just another example of fear mongering and integrity lacking reporting. If you really think there is a problem with the alert system, do your due diligence, research and investigation before publishing.

ironic, Mon, 08/24/2020 - 06:10

Mr Green, I am shocked !!!!.
Please, as I am sure you are aware, in this age of enlightenment, nothing and no one fails, (with the apparent exception of a republican government if you believe what you read), The system did not "fail" it simply adjusted its abilities to the lowest common level and informed those who it felt needed to know.
I think it should get a "participation award" at the minimum, because at least it tried. How can you expect it to develop if you continually set a standard for it to achieve???? I think you are a NIXLEist!

Not everyone has their phone attached to their hip nor are up late into the night watching TV so how are we being served. Bring back the sirens at least this is an alert everyone will get and keep the Nixle system this way all of San Angelo can be served. No lack of integrity or fear mongering happening here!

Once again, we did NOT receive an alert. The sound of a "train" and the thunder woke us up in time to take cover.

Oh well, the city staff knows too well that if they just let everybody rant and rave over this issue once again for a couple of days, everyone will get it out of their system and will have forgotten all about this in a week or so and they can go back to ignoring this all one more time, and can feverishly work on spending all your tax dollars on some other mundane project more important to them. After all, not one single person was killed or injured due to this so city manager Valenzuela can continue looking in his mirror and styling his suave and debonair hairdo instead of losing sleep over this.......

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