Authorities Warn of Dangerous Curve Google Maps Doesn't Show


WINTERS, TX – The Winters Volunteer Volunteer Fire Department is warning drivers of the risk of driving near State Highway 153.

According to the WVFD, they have responded to multiple rollover accidents on the first S curve going south from State Highway 153 on FM 2111. 

The WVFD has officially come out and claimed that the reason many of these crashes are occurring is due to a technical error.

"Google Maps doesn’t show how narrow and curvy it is." said a WVFD Facebook Post. Here is a pic of the road Via Google Maps: 

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Next time drivers are in the area they are encouraged to remember to slow down to the posted speed limit or below when they approach the curve. Also, be aware of road conditions as this may play a big role in determining the driver's ability to make sharp turns at high speeds. 

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Truckers have been encountering this marked S curve for years and now all of a sudden its google maps fault.
Problem is any dork with almost 1/2 a brain can get a CDL.

ironic, Fri, 01/10/2020 - 06:16

I tend to find, that when I am driving on a road, I notice little things like where the edge of the road is, where the middle is, who else is on the road with me and I am especially careful to notice where the road is going, you know, like when it curves round a corner, that sort of thing. Maybe I am wrong, but I find doing that,and not watching google, tends to give me a "bit better" local information.

Ironic nailed it, but we've produced a generation of helpless nitwits who would most likely die if all the phones, tablets, GPS devices, and other tech gadgets were to suddenly be rendered useless.
I clearly remember using paper maps to navigate my way through unfamiliar territory, finding a pay phone if I needed to make a call while travelling, and looking things up in the dictionary if I didn't know the meaning of a word.
I expect the device generation would benefit greatly from spending a year living as we did B.C.....(before computers).

....little early in the year to already hand out my 'snark of the year' award, but you are close Ironic, hahaha. You said EXACTLY what I was thinking in my head.

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