Why The Texas High School Football Season Might Not Happen

SAN ANGELO, TX -- With the start of the Texas high school football season less than a month away and the number of COVID-19 cases spiking throughout the state, it's uncertain if a season actually takes place. 

Today Houston ISD, the largest school district in Texas announced it will begin its school year on September 8 with a virtual format lasting through at least October 16. The district did not make it clear if athletics would be returning when face-to-face instruction would be allowed on October 19.

On the southwest side of Houston, Fort Bend ISD announced earlier this week that it will begin the upcoming school year 100% online and no in-person extracurricular activities will occur during the period of distance learning. 

On Friday, the Laredo Health Department mandated that all school systems – public or private – will only be able to open the school year on a virtual platform and no face-to-face instruction will take place until after September 3rd. The order will not only impact students attending schools but in-person extracurricular activities as well. 

With not just fall sports like football hanging in the balance, plenty of suggestions have been made as to when fall sports seasons should begin. Watch as the Managing Editor of Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine offers up what he's hearing around Texas regarding high school sports for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. 


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txkboy, Wed, 07/15/2020 - 18:17

If your still concerned about not having a hs football season, you may need to reevaluate what's important in life.


Thousands of citizens across Texas rioted when one pillar of the National Religion of Texas - High School Football - came under attack today because of the kung flu social distancing probably leading to the cancellation of the season. The mothers of cheerleaders and players blocked the interstate highways in Houston, DFW, and other parts of the state. Lamenting the violations of their civil rights and, of course, the rights of the athletes, parents quickly reacted to the news. Pointing out that they had been stuck at home with their families for months, many of the parents complained they needed to be able to get out and cheer on their teams.

While blocking the highways, the mothers pelted the vehicles with mums and pompoms. As one trucker who drove through South Central during the Rodney King riots and, more recently, Minneapolis, "I have never been more afraid for my life. The rage in their eyes and the vile taunts will haunt me for the rest of my life. And the mums, they were huge, accurately thrown, and almost put out an eye." Several trucking companies reacted by directing their drivers to alternate routes through other dates.

Governor Abbot nixed the idea of activating the National Guard, not because All Lives Matter, but because even veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan know better than to get between football parents and the games.

Despite all of this no one was shot - let alone killed - unlike a birthday party in Chicago or San Antonio.


Guy Fawkes, be careful criticizing the National Religion of Texas - Sports. It can lead to flamewars.

A successful coach rates higher than a successful teacher. A nationally ranked high school athlete rates higher than a nationally ranked high school scholar. When was the last time you saw national news services following the college selection of a high school scholar?

Although this does not stop coaches from throwing a game by putting in less than adequate athletes in a game, so that the offspring of a local government official can play. No matter the team was beating their opponent for the first time in a decade or more.

Do not forget, the athletes get away with a variety of criminal and civil offenses because the justice system may prevent them from being in the "Big Game". No wonder so many get busted for assault, robbery, rape, and murder, when they start playing professionally.

Take the intramural sports out of the schools and the budget. For phys-ed, actually teach how to get fit, eat healthy, and be healthier as a result. Perhaps if the phys-ed instructors were more interested in helping the students, instead of just the athletes, people could enjoy it. Spend more money and time on education - less on circuses.

If you want community sports put it on the little league model where the community raises funds (not through taxes) to pay all the associated expenses. In that fashion, if it really is a community supported activity then they will raise the funds.

Finally, the school districts will not have to waste tens of millions of dollars to build and maintain, the stadiums that dot the state. Millions of dollars more for education without cutting a budget elsewhere.

Now, let the flames begin.

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