Housing 20,000 Migrant Children Here will Balloon San Angelo's Population More Than 20 Percent


SAN ANGELO, TX — That 20,000 migrant children may be coming to San Angelo to be housed at Goodfellow Air Force Base blindsided Tom Green County Judge Steve Floyd this afternoon. Reporting from the Pentagon near Washington D.C., Military Times reporter Tara Copp quoted Army Col. Rob Manning at a press briefing saying as many as 20,000 unaccompanied minors who crossed into the U.S. without a parent will be housed at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo.

The number is large, as it will balloon the population of Tom Green County more than 20 percent. Not mentioned in the press briefing was how many additional support personnel will be needed to care for the children. Those children will need to be fed, attend some kind of school, recreate, and be housed which requires housekeepers, and be provided security. Copp headlined the story as the number of children could outnumber base personnel four to one.

Military personnel will not be charged with taking care of the children, however. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will, according to federal law. The children are called Unaccompanied Alien Children, or UAC. Most of the 5,100 military personnel based at Goodfellow AFB are students training for either the intelligence field or to become firefighters. They are not qualified to care for up to 20,000 children regardless.

Judge Floyd, who as the head of the County’s Emergency Management Team, has sat in on every briefing concerning the planned opening of the UAC facility at Goodfellow AFB. He said the last number he heard was up to 7,500 children will be housed here.

HHS spokeswoman Caitlin Oakley said this evening that the total number of UAC in care of the HHS as of today is about 11,800 minors. That number is an estimate because, “Every day minors are referred to our care and released from our care to parents, close relatives or suitable sponsors,” Oakley said.

Floyd said the base has received a standing order to prepare for the HHS team’s arrival to construct the temporary facility. Floyd said Goodfellow AFB 17th TRW Commander Ricky Mills was expecting to receive the execution order on June 26. That execution order hasn’t been made yet, and no UAC are at Goodfellow AFB as of today.

There are no visible signs of the building of the center, either. The UAC center will likely be built on the southeast corner of the base property south and east of where the old runways are, according to multiple sources. The facility will have its own entrance, and that entrance may be located near the end of S. Chadbourne St or Old Eola Rd. that traces the base boundary on the south side.

Floyd said once the execution order is received, he expects the facility to be built in a very short timeframe. The last date he heard for the facility to open is July 31. “It’s a very intense situation,” Floyd said.

Floyd said if the facility comes, there is a silver lining: it will be a plus for the local economy. The workers and contractors will need to be housed and they will need to eat. It is speculation at this point, but Floyd believes local hotels and motels will see their occupancy rates increase.

On the other hand, Floyd expressed his worries about what the UAC center will do to Goodfellow AFB’s primary missions. “We have a vested interest in the success of the missions at that base. Will this damage those missions? And what impact will it have on the community as a whole?” Floyd asked. “We will deal with it and hopefully help this mission (caring for the UAC) be a success.”

Floyd said San Angelo-area governments and NGOs have a very strong working relationship. “It’s strong and broad, and we’ve seen much success with the P4 initiatives,” he said. “P4” is a federal program that encourages local governments, the universities, and federal government at Goodfellow AFB to work together on projects to share resources to improve or make more efficient government agencies and services.

These working groups may soon have a bigger challenge to solve.

“There’s a lot of concern about what is about to happen,” Floyd said. While noting that what the HHS does will be a known quantity, he is uncertain about the ancillary impact of the UAC facility. “We’ve got to worry about housing in the area. What about the national media? And will there be protests?” Floyd speculated.

Floyd said local government officials met Thursday with members of the State of Texas district disaster coordinators at a meeting facilitated by the Concho Valley Council of Governments.

Meanwhile, HHS and the Department of Homeland Security are working through Federal District Judge Dana M. Sabraw’s injunction issued last Monday on a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. Her injunction orders the federal government not to separate children from their parents who came to the U.S. illegally.

“Whatever happens, I am confident we can get through this,” Floyd said.

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Mr. Mason snowflakes like yourself are what keeps this whole mess in the news everyday. Trump haters as yourself will never be happy. MAGA and keep up the good work Trump.

Please explain to us all how being proud of ones work ethic and the ability to provide for me and my family is bigotry. And believe me being patriotic is no way shape or form bigotry either. Liberal ,snowflake ,entitled millennials are the ones bringing this great nation to its knees. Being proud is just that PRIDE.

I thought the same thing until a 60 year old woman that my wife works with acted the same way... When I see that, I give millennial's the benefit of the doubt. Entitlement is dangerous.

It's easy to criticize, especially using the words of others. There are no simple solutions to the immigration issue. That is unless you, in all your wisdom, have one that you're keeping from us. Please share......

Much has yet to be determined before any of these kids are located here. I'd suggest that considering the fluidity of the current immigration and detention policy, it's quite possible that Goodfellow may never see a detainee. Housing, food services, education, medical, recreation, and obviously security would need to be in place before they arrive I would assume. Who's going to staff this facility, civilians of service members? How much will water usage impact the SA supply? But before I start getting outraged, I guess I'll just have to see how this situation changes.

Capitalism has failed the old,young, and the sick. The filthy rich are getting richer. There is no longer an American middle class. Millions are homeless. Millions have no health insurance. more families than ever before are food insecure,parents working two or more jobs unable to cope with escalating poverty. Think about this next time you vote.

Capitalism has failed the old,young, and the sick. The filthy rich are getting richer. There is no longer an American middle class. Millions are homeless. Millions have no health insurance. more families than ever before are food insecure,parents working two or more jobs unable to cope with escalating poverty. Think about this next time you vote.

We now are a nation that is finally standing up for itself. That's what we have become. As for the middle class its alive and well. I'm one of them and proud of it. Hard work, saving money and not letting myself get into massive amounts of debt. Millions of people that have no insurance, massive debt, no homes are that way because we live in the entitlement era. If you need or want these things get off your butt get a job and earn it. I for one am tired of paying for people that are too lazy to work for it.

You're just parroting the words of others, very little original coming from you. Try thinking of something to say that someone else didn't tell you or you found on the internet. Oh darn.....cracker...could be racist. Allow me to correct myself. Harley wanna Saltine?

If you want people to really listen, and to possibly change their mind about topics that you think are important, call them all stupid and insult them, they can't help but listen to your viewpoint after that.

Nah Nate, if they're truly stupid, they already know. This guy showed his true colors when he decried capitalism. With all its' faults, it sure beats any other form of government, but all he cares about is getting free stuff without earning any of it.

Z Z, Tue, 07/03/2018 - 21:30

Arguing either socialism or capitalism didn't decide the election. Social policies like some have mentioned is what creates the most passion from others.

In some cases, it seems it truly is a difference in values and cultures. It is difficult to ask someone to change their personal beliefs but easy to make them look like a culprit.

the bottom line is there are people with agendas pushing their way, and it is by design.

Lets say you do stand up for what you believe in family values and teaching people to take care of their children. At the same time, that topic could be turned around and said that someone doesn't like children. That is where it gets complicated. So, I believe our divisive social issues are the main thing affecting elections or perceptions.

Still, within all this confusion, there is most likely a sensible approach. The difficult part is you can't wait around to see if 10 years of making decisions can be turned around with one election or policy. It is a dynamic thing and granted the world is changing and more complex, but I don't think anything can be a sudden fix all which I have seen the govt policies try to do before.

if anyone ran rough shod over us for too many years, I doubt we would recognize ourself as the US anymore. It would be too late then.

Z Z, Tue, 07/03/2018 - 22:50

what if it was 100,000 or 200,000 or a half million.

would that affect your logic.

Socialism right? Isn't that what people think is going to fix our problem's? Re-distribution of wealth?
I hear that argument and I realize, wow, these guys aren't just chock full of blanket racism, but also a hunger for ill-gotten gain's.

Go- ahead and re-distribute wealth in America, but add a healthy dose of extra responsibility with it and see how fast we end up right back where we are.

Socialism does not mean taking wealth from those who work hard and giving it to those who don’t... you’re thinking of capitalism.

If all wealth is theft, you need to give some comment's back. You do have a "wealth" of them, hope you didn't take one of mine.

At a time when people should be rising up in solidarity against corrupt politicians and bankers, people instead are pointing the blame at their victims, the unemployed, the underpaid, and the homeless, the immigrants.

That you're using your own words at least. Are you able to name any country or government that is free of, and immune to corruption, in either politics or finance? Greed is universal, and even in the most well intended communist and socialist systems, there will always be a few fat cats pilfering the coffers. At least our system provides for some checks and balances to protect against fraud and the overreach of political power. Hardly perfect, I admit, but the best system I know.
I disagree completely with your second premise. I, and the vast majority of others,are not blaming the unemployed, the underpaid, (btw.....I've been both of those), or the homeless. Yes, the immigrants are receiving some blame for societal woes, and rightly so, considering that they entered our country ILLEGALLY. We are and must continue to be a nation of laws and those who violate them should be prosecuted....period.
Why are we allowing these people here?

Point to a time in humanity that was governed, but completely free from corruption in government... Once you have done that, re-evaluate the thing's you are saying. Thing's are more like they are now, than they ever were before... Should we really stop doing what has kept our nation and economy strong all of a sudden, 240 year's later, even with how bad thing's are, it's not like you, or any of your "like minded" friend's have any clue what to do with the leftover's after stopping 'Merica, to reorganize it to your liking.

Maybe it's time we break that cycle. Just because it happens, doesn't mean it has to be. We all know the quote about history....and it repeating it's self.

Since when did it become a radical leftest ideology to believe that if someone works for a living, they should be able to afford to take care of their family and be able to see a doctor?

A country that forces veterans to beg for food at pantries in order to avoid taxing the wealthy,- is morally bankrupt and has no future.

When the rich rob the poor it is called business. When the poor fight back,they call it violence.

Capitalism – the psychopathic idea that the basic necessities of life can be privately owned and that some people are more entitled to food, water, and shelter than others.

How the G O P gives to the rich and makes you pay for it.

1-Cut taxes for the rich

2-Explode the deficit

3- Demand big cuts to: Medicare, social security, education

Z Z, Tue, 07/03/2018 - 20:52

I do think medicare, social security, and education are valuable programs for supporting the elderly and young people.

I am no expert on how to sustain such things though, but I can imagine any program needs to be managed efficiently. I hope for the millenials sake those programs still are viable when they get too old to work.
I had some mixed feeling about the Affordable Care Act. If anything , it seemed to me the middle class was the one getting fleeced. I am not against something if it works, but I have seen some programs that were a quick give away with no plan for sustaining many years without some major change.

Z Z, Tue, 07/03/2018 - 21:01

Everything is relevant to the cost of living. It should be agreeable by both sides to keep the cost of living down so that a working class person can enjoy a decent life of dignity.

Some people are better at managing money than others at any level. I think a lot of rich people are invested in property or capital. Their income could be just like anyone else and not generate a great deal of taxes with one exception and that is once they try to sell out or quit. The majority of the time they just let their family continue on similar to the Waltons as someone mentioned a week or so ago. Still it creates jobs, and it can be like the goose that lays the golden egg. Leave it alone and it keeps laying golden eggs, or pluck it and have roasted goose but expect no more golden eggs.

Within that though, I think it is fair for employees to negotiate better wages and benefits. Realistically though, some businesses have to closely watch the bottom line or they put a closed/for sale sign on the front door.

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