Goodfellow Detainees Will Be Unaccompanied Teens


SAN ANGELO, TX -- Tom Green County Judge Steve Floyd briefed Commissioners this morning on the details of the plan to house illegal immigrant children at Goodfellow Air Force Base.  

In the Commissioner’s Court meeting Tuesday Judge Floyd said he received official notice around 8 p.m. last night.

According to Floyd, Goodfellow AFB will house 1,000 detainees initially expecting an increase to 7,500.  Floyd says they will be 13 to 17 year old unaccompanied males and females. They are expected to be at Goodfellow from July 31 to December 18 with a possible extension of time.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will be responsible to house, feed, clothe, and educate them.  

According to Floyd, a 75 acre area on base will be set aside and will have a separate entry.

There will be no cost to Tom Green County.  

Here is San Angelo Catholic Bishop Michael Sis’ statement on the issue.

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No One Is Illegal. Calling These Children 'Illegal' Is Dehumanizing With A Racial Undertone

Then why don’t you step up and find a solution and donate money and time to help out instead of hide behind the keyboard and complain?

There are some clarifying words that most always accompany the illegal moniker. Illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, mostly, that are true descriptions of what they are, people who have crossed our border in a manner not allowed by our law. Period. No demonization, no racial undertone, they simply did not get approval by ICE to enter at a authorized port of entry. None of this in new, I attended W Texas schools in the 60's and 70's that enrolled many children of "illegals", mostly ranch hands. What has changed is the volume of people and the increasing desperation of those in Mexico, and Central America, along with the increasing drug cartel extortion and violence. The solution? It's not a wall, at least not along the Rio Grande, just look at Google earth and follow it from Brownsville to El Paso. Along the valley, you must allow farmers and ranchers to access the river for irrigation and water for livestock. In the Big Bend canyons, do we really need a 15' wall on top of a 1500' vertical cliff?. A wall on the American shoreline of Falcon and Amistad reservoirs? Just ridiculous.
Common sense, apparently lacking in any governmental agency these days is going to be an integral part of any solution, and solutions will have to be measured in degrees. What can we do south of our borders that can reduce the need or desire for people to flee here? That answer will have to be in the forefront of any plan.
Another thing we all can do is not let liberal hysteria cloud our judgement. A crying, yet well fed, clothed, sheltered and medically cared for child does not a humanitarian crisis make. Yes, keeping families together is better than separation, and it appears that issue has and is being addressed. We need to allow people to come that pass criminal background checks and give them a process toward citizenship, one in which they "pay their dues", proving they can contribute to society yet reap none of the benefits afforded citizenship until they have met the standard. Yes, there are lots of details that the politicians will turn into an ugly mess, but something like this makes common sense to me.

It is not...... just a little common sense. I judge all folks by the content of their Martin wished.

It could be that I'm cranky because I'm quitting smoking, but maybe we should just pray about it again. That helped curb the cartel's stronghold's and made human trafficker's stop in their tracks.

We should engage their enemy's, or at least provide the resources and small amount's of support team's and combat trainer's at the very least. It's not an attractive idea, but the problem isn't going away all by itself, and it will continue to affect America as well until something happens.

Sometime's you have to whoop the fire`out of your bully to let him know that your done taking his crap, he might fight you back, but it won't come easy anymore and he know's the resistance isn't worth the possible gain's from that point on.

The evangelicals who support Trump are eerily silent now. Many of their pastors have claimed that the suffering children who were forcibly separated from their parent(s) were actors. And they wonder why so many people have no respect for our so called religious leaders. As Cajun Texan pointed all that is needed is to feed them and take care of their medical needs. Of course you shouldn't hug them or console them or possibly reunite them with their parents instead of using them as hostages.

Trump has already said that they can have their kids back if they agree to be deported. That is not what our country stands for. Read the inscription on the Statue of Liberty if you have any doubts: "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!".

Z Z, Tue, 06/26/2018 - 22:04

It is the battle between the heart and mind and both can be in neglect. Then even if they are sound and in the right place, the circumstances may not make you think they are.

seldom do great decisions happen from people who are hysterical. It is usually the steady hand that guides the ship. You have enough experience to discern a lot of it. I worry about myself sometimes though, that I am just not sure. It is a difficult subject which will only get more difficult. It takes leaders that have prepared themself and I worry about our own leaders sometimes if they haven't plowed that ground ahead of time in their own lives.

I think there are a lot of seasoned adults that have faced difficult things. but before anyone jumps to conclusions, it should be open to discuss without shouting matches etc.

what I mean to say is that in Texas they are probably more capable an mature of handling some situations that are unique to us versus someone else.

I don't care if these immigrants are Men, Women, Children they are ILLEGAL - PERIOD! They were not born in this country, they don't need to be here and we should not allow them in. They are a drain on medical, welfare, etc. Who's going to continue to pay for them? We can't even keep our native born American's fed properly - why bring in more? There is a legal process to become a citizen of the United States by applying for that citizenship. Also, many have "earned" their citizenship by serving in the US Military. This is the correct and honorable way to become a citizen of this great country. Noone from another country just "deserves" to be an American. If you believe that, then you have no idea what the expense and drain on our society is. Go to another country ANY country and ask to be a citizen, even MEXICO will tell you "hell no". If you think that is wrong, ask someone from another country how hard it is to become a citizen in their birth country. It's not a given! If you (anyone who cares) want illegals here, YOU take them IN, YOU pay for their health care, YOU pay for their food and clothing, YOU be responsible for them, how's that for a way to care for them? Are YOU willing to do that for days, weeks, months? Hello? Step up or SHUT UP!

I have noticed that anyone who disagrees with his position is a racist. The only argument he and his ilk can produce when confronted with truth and common sense. The M.O. appears to be point- counterpoint- racist, even when race is not even mentioned.

Z Z, Wed, 06/27/2018 - 20:57

I am not good at controversial topics. I do like everyone and think it is possible to get along. A lot of it has to do with sincerely seeing the good in another person and taking the focus of self and seeing others. There are tons of books on that topic. I read one by a famous artist socialite in New York who have a variety of experience in social circles, CEOs, VIPs, important people. She said they all shared common traits and most of it had to do with personal relations like I see you and consider your needs and wants.

Myself, I know that I don't have a high powered education. I don't understand a lot of things. I easily get confused when it comes to difficult issues like this where something is so controversial. So, the best I can do is depend on and invest in a leader or even politician who makes the most sense and seems to line up with my own view, even though limited. I can learn from others and do. That is why I like to hear what everyone has to say. If we all thought the same, that is called group think.

it is easy to be all over the place and even emotional at times or confused during these times. I honestly believe within all that, there are people showing or guiding the way.

We Must Fight for Our Democracy They Already Stole One #SCOTUS Seat A Right Wing Nut Job being Confirmed would insure that #Citizens United was the Beginning of the END of Our Country as we Know It If you are not a Rich, Straight, WHITE, Christian Male, You Will Be TOAST.
POTUS & some of his closest advisors are under investigation for having participated in a criminal conspiracy w/a foreign power against the US. That is an emergency.

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