Local Entrepreneur Finds Niche Keeping Grass Green in Winter


SAN ANGELO, TX — Jaymes Lopez, a 37-year-old native of San Angelo, has emerged as an enterprising entrepreneur with his groundbreaking business venture, Evergreen Solutions. His brainchild stemmed from a former occupation of delivering water to maintain lush greenery in people's yards during scorching summers. It was this experience that sparked the idea for his innovative solution.

Lopez, a local entrepreneur, sought an alternative approach to rejuvenate dead, dormant grass in the winter without the labor-intensive task of water hauling. The result? An all-organic, non-toxic turf paint that revolutionizes winter lawn aesthetics. The product, manufactured out of Florida, boasts longevity, adhering to the grass for approximately 16 weeks after a mere 8-hour drying period.

Primarily catering to residential properties and some commercial spaces, Evergreen Solutions operates as a sole proprietorship, delivering its services during the winter months when lawns typically suffer from a lack of vibrancy. Lopez and his team specialize in meticulous spraying techniques that ensure an enduring green hue, effectively enhancing the overall visual appeal of dormant lawns.



(Credit: Jaymes Lopez)

However, amidst the innovation, Lopez acknowledges challenges in the form of overspray, a common issue when applying water-based paint. To address this, he employs a meticulous mixing formula, combining one gallon of paint with 20 gallons of water. A crucial ingredient in his process is the incorporation of a binding agent known as Endurance Spray and Stay, applied in quart-sized portions to facilitate lasting adherence to the grass.

The pricing structure for Lopez's services is based on square footage. With a minimum charge of $135, the average rate falls within the range of 10 to 17 cents per square foot. When queried about the primary motivation for availing his service, Lopez emphasizes the significance of aesthetics. He recognized a prevalent community need, witnessing conversations revolving around how to maintain visually appealing lawns during the winter months.

Lopez's entrepreneurial spirit, honed through various life experiences, grants him the autonomy to be his own boss and dictate his schedule. For him, Evergreen Solutions represents not just a business venture but a means to meet a crucial community demand while embodying the essence of self-determination.

The advent of Evergreen Solutions marks a pivotal step in addressing the seasonal challenges of maintaining vibrant lawns during the winter, with Lopez at the forefront of innovation in San Angelo's landscaping industry.



(Credit: Jaymes Lopez)

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