Yes, Target in San Angelo is Selling Trans Clothing for Kids

SAN ANGELO, TX – The Target store in San Angelo has opted to participate in the company's Pride Month campaign, which features LGBTQ+ clothing and items for men, women, and children.

Questions surrounding the issue began to arise following the national boycott of Targets across the country. The main concerns are not the fact of selling products to members of the gay community, but the fact that Target is selling transgender clothing to children.

One of the biggest complaints is regarding a gender-neutral bathing suit that is 'tuck-friendly.'

Gender Neutral 'Tuck Friendly' Children's Bathing Suit

Gender Neutral 'Tuck Friendly' Children's Bathing Suit

This is just one of several children's items. Others include baby onesies that say "Bien Proud" and books like "Bye Bye Binary."

The Pride products have taken over a section in San Angelo's Target, situated between the men's and women's sections. There, they have a variety of products, including Pride-related clothes, housewares, and more.

One of the products gaining attention is a 'tuck-friendly' one-piece bathing suit, which went viral on Twitter after political comedian Alex Stein recorded himself wearing it in a Dallas Target.

Since the issue began, Target has faced backlash from customers and even calls for a boycott. In an effort to avoid a situation like Bud Light faced, Target has removed certain items from the shelves.

However, the CEO of the company, Brian Cornell, has expressed that this move is "great for their brand" and "is the right thing for society." 


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I'm actually sick of the shit being pushed onto children. IDGAF about others' lifestyles, just leave the babies out of it.

Funny that they are calling it a "lifestyle". Gender bending isn't a lifestyle it involves hormones, sex change surgery, and some even have surgery to remove their adams apple bulge. This is not a lifestyle it's the changing of a life, and should never target audiences who haven't experienced puberty. 

"boycott Targets"

Looks like republican cancel culture is at it again. They sure do hat their fellow Americans.

 Transgender is not a "culture" when it comes to children, unless you call messing with nature in adolescence a culture.  I am so blessed that this "culture"  wasn't around when I was a child because I enjoyed all the activities and toys of the opposite sex and my identity would have been destroyed if one of these transgender activist would have gotten a hold of me.  Of course my parents were smart not to fall for this crap.

Wayne, Wed, 05/24/2023 - 15:38

Where did this Target store manager come from? Surely not from West Texas. I hope San Angeloans find other places to spend their money.

The CEO couldn't be more wrong. Wait until he sees his numbers for this quarter. I just called and cancelled my Target card and transferred all of that debt to another card. Target won't receive another penny from our home. And if Budweiser wasn't a shining example more people will be doing the same.

The Associated  Press has debunked this.  The offending swimsuits are only offered in adult sizes.  But by all means boycott the things that scare you...not the better reason that retail Pride collections are just money grabs.  Target does  not care about what people's  lifestyles are, they just want to make money off it.

CapnK, Wed, 05/24/2023 - 23:49

"Surprise Surprise Surprise" Target proved they are a godless corporation a long time ago.

Van, Thu, 05/25/2023 - 17:44

Putting a prominent Pride display in the front of the store was a terrible business decision, loss of six billion dollars so far.

Edward O. Wilson and some other intellectuals in the late 20th century wrote about the need for the elites of society to cultivate any latent homosexual urges in the population as a means of population control. If I didn't know better, (and I don't, because I'm an ignoramus like Democritus of Abdera,) I'd think that some powerful people took up the intellectuals proposing that plan on their proposition.

Like, who even owns Target?

They're actually at a 9 billion dollar loss in only 7 days. Like I said Butt lite was a shining example of how not to campaign for transsexuals. THE END

Van, Thu, 05/25/2023 - 17:49

The republicans have learned from the woke democrats how to have an effective boycotts, first Bush Lite and 2nd Target.

And you sir have proven yourself a hypocrite. It isn't okay for one group to do it if it isn't okay for the other. Practice what you preach not do as I say not as I do.

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