BREAKING: DISH Network Drops KSAN in San Angelo: You Could Miss the Super Bowl


WICHITA FALLS  On Friday night, January 6, 26 Mission Broadcasting local television stations in 25 markets across the United States were forced off DISH Network’s distribution system when the contract between Mission and DISH expired.

The move eliminated KSAN TV from DISH Network Subscribers in San Angelo. 

As a result of DISH’s action, more than 800,000 DISH subscribers are unable to watch the national and local community programming provided by these stations, including programming on Mission’s 7 ABC affiliates, as well as key NFL games on Mission’s 2 CBS, 11 FOX, and 3 NBC stations.

According to Mission Broadcasting, the timing is particularly troubling for subscribers as these CBS, FOX, and NBC stations all carry NFL games through the end of the season, as well as the NFL playoffs, culminating with the Super Bowl on FOX on February 12th.


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Not my first rodeo with Dish vs networks. The Mexican standoff always occurs just before a major sporting event, we lose the channel for a few weeks, and suddenly, just before the ascribed event, they come to an agreement. Screw Dish and NBC.

Interesting how the article is written to put the blame on Dish Network for the loss of KSAN. In truth, Mission Broadcasting as they have numerous times before wanna extort more money from Dish/DirecTV/Optimum; pick your provider..all of them will say the same. Legal extortion is all it is, nothing more nothing less. Dish customers(like me) want our cable bill not to go up, and complain when it does. These stations use the big tv events as leverage to get more money. It was not so long ago, Dish lost FOX local because MB wanted to charge more to carry channel…but a person could go buy an over the air antenna and get if free. Mission just wanted more money from Dish. I saw it with Fox, AMC, HBO, and a few others. At the end of the day most people don’t care about the ins and outs, they just want to watch their games. I understand that believe me, but it’s not ALL the fault of Dish. 

So, I have a few ways to get around this problem. 

The first is the simplest but requires a decent internet speed. Subscribe to Peacock. Assuming it goes through the Super Bowl you will only have to subscribe for two months and their commercial tier is $5 or $6 a month. 

The second option will cost more money up front but will save you in the long run. Get yourself an antenna. People living in city limits can buy themselves an indoor antenna, but the further you live out of town the more likely you will need an outdoor antenna. I for one have this channel master antenna and can pick up all the stations where I live outside of rowena.

all you have to do is wire it directly into your television set. HOWEVER, you can wire it into your Dish Network receiver with an adapter. I cannot recommend owning this adapter enough as it will integrate your antenna channels into your Dish Network and you will not have to worry about locals fighting with Dish ever again. You can also use all your DVR features, guide, and send the antennas signal to other receivers using this adapter. You can find it here:

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