We're Saved – Tesla Charging Station Under Construction in West Texas


BIG SPRING – The Porter’s Grocery store just off of I-20 in Big Spring will be looking very different in the near future as more than a dozen Tesla Superchargers will be installed.

According to multiple reports, Tesla has provided funding to put in 15 superchargers. This is part of their plan to make electric cars available for travel in rural West Texas.

Currently Teslas have a range of around 250 to 300 miles. In places like the Permian Basin that could be a problem as there just aren't that many chargers available yet. Big Spring was chosen by Tesla for this install not just because the need but also because of the interstate.

Tesla chargers are rare in West Texas but there are some in San Angelo, Van Horn, Fort Stockton, Ozona, Sweetwater and one in Midland that has eight superchargers.

The date of the installation has not been released at this time.

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Hope it's next to a hotel since charging a tesla or most modern electric vehicles takes 4 or more hours! What a crock of shit

Flip flops don't have laces and we all know you wear velcro SAS. By the way I wonder if the generators for all of that stored energy are also from "green sources". I'll bet it isn't.

Proper dental hygiene requires a subtle circular motion while brushing. Sorry but maybe you'll find something else to razz on

"but for the most part, its charging stations are powered by the grid and from whatever source of electricity owned by the local utilities."

Nice facade

Imagine feeling all warm and fuzzy charging your green vehicle with gas powered generator produced electricity. And paying through the "teeth" for it.

Nope just think it's slightly hypocritical. I'm not against progress so long as it's actual progress. Btw there have been patented plans for a gas powered engine to get 40+ mpg(many years ago). Who's actually against progress?

I think the progress might be in less combustion engines on the road, but I'm just a crayon eater so I could be wrong.

Class, today we will be talking about logical fallacies.  Specifically red herrings, hyperbole, and equivocation.... For example, "We shouldn't attempt to reduce vehicle carbon emissions because volcanos are more dangerous."

Skip ahead to the " we're going to ignore the fact that it isn't really green energy and eat crayons instead" part of the lesson. You should really switch to smelly markers I think the crayons have affected your critical thinking.

Now you sound like a typical democrat, only you're all caps on volcanoes and not AR's. Pro tip: remove the paper from the crayon first before eating it.

Did you hear about irony or sarcasm? Apparently not. We stand as much chance of reducing our emissions to an effective amount as we do getting rid of kilauea. Anyway enjoy the crayons, I hear red is best.

What I'm hearing is you agree we should reduce carbon emissions but you're a defeatist baby about it.  Very cringe but not very American. "I personally don't think we can so I'm gonna verbally shit on everyone else's attempts because if you don't drive a 2008 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Triton 5.4 V8, you're not a man." 

Reduce carbon emissions... lmao you've lost your liberal lovin mind now. It won't happen need proof Chinas coal plant emissions are 1 jillion times more than ours.

Ha Ha. At least Jesus will hug Trump.

All Biden gets is the devil licking his eyes(:(:(:

Don Jones, Tue, 10/04/2022 - 21:07

So steps in the right direction are pointless if it doesn't fix the problem all at once?

Oh boy!!! 

Now everyone can run out get an electric piece of crap vehicle to die in this winter(:(:(:

Not a matter of if,  its just when.

Soon there will be thousands of taxpayer funded chargers , nationwide, thanks to the mush head and stupid commies.

Then in months or years they will probably be broken down, defaced and abandoned 

How long will these subsidized fools be driving Road-fuel tax free, on our highways?

At least these chargers are paid for by mr. musk.

Thousands of taxpayer funded chargers are on the way, authorized by dem commies and mush head crooked, el presidente, and dem commies.

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