Gas Prices in San Angelo Finally Drop Below $3

SAN ANGELO – For months now motorists in San Angelo and across the state of Texas have been experiencing extremely high gas prices.

For the first time since the summer has began gas at certain stations in San Angelo. Two places that have particularly inexpensive gas is the Murphy's at Walmart and of course Sam's Club. Walmart has their gas listed at $2.98 and Sam's Club is at $2.93.

Here are more gas prices around town according to Gas Buddy.

Gas Prices in San Angelo

Gas Prices in San Angelo

Currently in San Angelo the average price of gas is around the $3.05 range. The state of Texas as a whole is at around $3.18 with the lowest price of gas being $2.69.


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So according to you Biden sycophants, the releasing of our petroleum reserves has nothing to do with lowering gas prices?

Take another drink of the kool-aid lol.


CapnK, Thu, 09/08/2022 - 22:08

More of the look over here not over there.

Diesel is used to distribute all our foods and goods through out the nation.

Diesel prices have not dropped any.

Hey all you knuckle draggin koolaid slurpers "the govt dont control fuel prices but the govt controls big oil companies just like they do big phama".

Take another big ol glug of xiden koolaid and choke on it.


The saddest part is diesel fuel takes less refinement than gasoline and still costs twice as much. It's disgusting what our government is making people pay for fuel.

It’s the other way around. Corporations have lobbyist to influence the proper government officials. Everyone has a price. The corrupt and greedy politicians want to stay in power. How do some go into office with so little and come out with so much? Why do they desire to retain the office? Money. Money from passing legislation wanted and/or needed for the corrupt corporations to continue to make money. Big money, Big Daddy. They make lots of it off our back through taxes and our illnesses caused by them. They follow Hegelian dialect of problem, reaction, solution and both make money at all stages. 

Diesel was over $5 not long ago im looking at a sign at a stripes that runs fairly high compared to other places on the north side it says $4.45 today seems like it may have dropped some. 

Those evil capitalists lol. Capitalism still better than the alternative. Even scarier when your rights start being taken away under the guise of “The Common Good” of mankind ;)

Zuckerbucks was the one who let the cat out of the bag when he said the FBI came to him warning that the whole Hunter Biden laptop story was “Russian propaganda”…which everyone knew was BS especially the ones claiming it ;)

Hmmmm, Fri, 09/09/2022 - 11:41

Social media has been hijacked for years. It’s all infested with bots and fake accounts meant to warp perceptions. I would bet Twitter is at least 60% chat bots.

On a similar note…the $50 billion Chips and Science Act signed into law last month, is nothing more than a pay-off to the labor unions supporting Biden and the democrats!

According to the AFL-CIO “The Chips and Science Act, not only boosts domestic manufacturing jobs in critical technology sectors, but also MANDATES for the first time that unions and our members be at the table as the federal government invests billions in innovative research and economic development.”


Really makes it weird that gov hot wheels was such a proponent of a Biden bill to make money for unions. 

CGM5, Fri, 09/09/2022 - 15:25

(gov hot wheels)

Only a lowlife would call that man that kind of name. He was hurt in an accident in his 20s and still has been able to become Governor of Texas. What great things have you accomplished genus? 

Amigo, I trust you know I am not a fan of Abbott's.  I think he's a political worm.  However, I think the "hot wheels" thing is a bit much.  He was a vibrant, physically active young man when that tree fell on him.  I don't think he wished for that.

Peace.  Have a good weekend.

cool to each their own, i dont actually dislike him, i think hes fine at what he does. I dont agree with some of his biggest issues but i understand what it takes to be gov of texas. 

Just call him by his genus. Nothing wrong with it unless you have internalized misanthropy like Machiavelli did. Or he's a lizard or something.

by the way, its not the fact that he was called something that bothers you,trump and biden called worse daily and both bipassed gov and became president.  

CGM5, Sat, 09/10/2022 - 12:26

Yes biden and Trump have been called many things for their beliefs, actions and non actions. They have both been made fun of for being old even though Trump was tested to check his mental state and biden has not. Making fun of a person because they are crippled is totally different and if you don't know the difference then maybe I should feel sorry for you.

Yeah, Trump took a very rudimentary type of mental acuity test.  He proved even a baboon can pass one of those things.  Also, let us not forget that Trump ridiculed a reporter with a congenital joint condition at a rally in 2015.  Trump denied it, but video of the event indicates otherwise.  In addition to being a nasty bastard he's a habitual liar.

The debacle regarding the stolen documents at Mar-A-Lago also indicates he's really not that bright.

Trump trashing done for today.  Tune back in later.

CGM5, Sat, 09/10/2022 - 16:31

OH PLEASE, If what you say is true then that makes it ok to make fun of Gov. Abbott for being paraplegic, is that what you are implying? If not then why are you bitching about someone who isn't in office anymore? If you want to do that then let's talk about hillary and her top secret documents and what happened to them. Let's talk about bubba and his relationship with epistein not to mention the all other crap that he was involved in. How about obama and his great recession that what we might be heading into again thanks to the current administration. Hell, we can drag our history books out and trade bitches about politicians all the way back to George Washington. Too many of you spend too much time bitching about the past, ignoring the present and the future is going to HELL.

CGM5, Sat, 09/10/2022 - 16:48

(Yeah, Trump took a very rudimentary type of mental acuity test.  He proved even a baboon can pass one of those things.) 

I guess biden hasn't taken one because his handlers are afraid he can't pass it.

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