Workforce Commission Reinstates Job Search Requirement


AUSTIN, TX – Beginning Nov. 1, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) will be reinstating its work search requirements for individuals receiving unemployment benefits in Texas.

Although the requirement was waived amid the COVID-19 pandemic in June, the agency overturned its decision to reinstate the plan after a surge in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in Texas.

Tuesday’s announcement states that Texans requesting benefits will have to conduct weekly job searches in order to remain eligible for funding. The first report for jobseekers to show will be on Nov. 15, showing all job requests made beginning from Nov. 1.

For a majority of Texas counties, jobseekers will be required to show at minimum three job searches per week. For beneficiaries in counties with fewer job search requirements, the TWC will inform jobseekers of any special circumstance.

According to the agency, jobseekers who take and pass a class on the Metrix Online Learning Platform, an online job skills-building software paid for by the State, can count the program as one job search.

Jobseekers requesting unemployment benefits will only be asked to provide extra proof of their job search activities should TWC ask for it directly.

All Texans requesting unemployment benefits will also be required to register at the Texas Work Force Commission website in order to access job resources and search for employment opportunities.


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