Will Peasant Village Restaurant Reopen in 2020?


SAN ANGELO, TX – San Angelo's local favorite deli Peasant Village is set to return this year.

As first reported by San Angelo LIVE!, on Nov. 16, 2019, officers with the San Angelo Police Department were dispatched to the corner Beauregard Ave. and Park St. for the report of major crash where a car crashed into a building. That building was Peasant Village. For more on the crash see: WATCH: Passenger Ejected and Killed as Car Smashes into Restaurant on Beauregard

In 1995, Chef Jason and his father, Chef Art ‘Pops’ Helfer, opened the doors to Peasant Village in hopes of bringing San Angelo premium deli food in a unique way by serving the food inside of a renovated home. After continued success the restaurant was able to expand and create the PV Deli. They have one in San Angelo as well as in Dallas. 

After the crash that nearly destroyed the 1927 bungalow Chef Jason was forced to close down the restaurant. Now the restaurant owner says it will be ready to open this fall. 

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Since the beginning of fall was on Sept. 22, the restaurant should officially reopen within a few months. 


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