The Crab Is Open For Business


SAN ANGELO, TX – As restaurants adjust to the new normal amid a pandemic, San Angelo is welcoming a new restaurant on Knickerbocker Rd.

“The atmosphere is really nice and everyone here is really great,” said Madison Carr, host of The Crab.

The Crab opened its doors on Monday afternoon and is offering a varied menu that includes shrimp combos, snow crab, crawfish, catfish, appetizers, and cocktails. The restaurant is currently offering $6.50 margaritas.

Staff at The Crab is enforcing extensive social distancing measures designed to keep their patrons safe. Table seating in the dining room and at the bar is spaced out and thorough sanitation is performed twice a day.

Takeout and curbside pickup are also available orders that can be placed over the phone or at the restaurant. The restaurant is currently open for lunch and dinner, from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Crab is located at 3035 Knickerbocker Rd, the former home of 3 Parrots Taco Shop of San Angelo. For more information contact The Crab at (325) 227-8541.

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... they will partner with EberEats or one of the other delivery services... since so many people have a problem with mask and social distancing for even a short time. I always try to think positive. These mandates can't last...
"FOREVER"!! I don't understand the majority of the citizens in this town. I will explain... the majority of people the people that log on to SA Live ... and may everybody in town with the exception a some ... act like it's infringing on their rights to wear a mask, and continue to do the simple things to not only wear a mask while out in a public place but it makes me wonder if they even wash their hands before being out in public or after they use the restroom. Also a huge help in helping stop the spread of the virus is ... stay at home away from other people if you are sick... even if you feel that it's just a common cold... keep your backside at home till your positive you are no longer contagious. That's one of the major problems I see! Personally, I don't worry at all about get the virus... because... I don't go out in public. I know how to cook pretty well so I eat my meals at home ... even though I'm not sick... or if I decided I don't want to cook because it's gets hot in my kitchen (I have window air conditioning in the other rooms in my home but not the kitchen) I order delivery from whatever restaurant I choose ( supporting the local restaurant as much as I can afford) ... also ... was doing the social distancing... "Way" before this virus came along. Like I said earlier in this comment.... "This can't last forever & ever!" .... so what not do what is in the best interest of people around you and wear the mask, wash your hands and keep your distance from others and for heaven sakes ... if you're sick ... keep you backside at home till you're finished being sick and contagious!

We ALL hate wearing a mask, unfortunately, it’s the right thing to do. Trump doesn’t need the virus to lose the election. He does something stupid on a dally basis. And the virus is here more than before, you should be panicked. As far as the economy, if we all die from this pandemic, there won’t be an economy. You are a man of many hats, but I don’t think you can predict the future. I can’t either, but I can do the responsible thing and wear a mask. I never thought in 2020 that I would be walking into a bank, wearing a mask & asking for money! Crazy world we live in today.

... I did not claim I can could predict the future by commenting that the pandemic wouldn't last forever. I was being optimistic. You said I was a man of many hats ( if you were referring to me) ... and staying in the spirit of "It's a crazy world we live in today" ... I actually do not have many hats...LOL ... I have two old cowboy hats and two old ball caps... but I don't wear them all at once LOL... and it's fine with me that you disagree.... its your provocative to disagree and you are entitled to your opinion just as I am! I'm just curious why you said I was a man of many hats?? You don't even know me... LOL! I'm guessing you just said that because you didn't have anything else to say. :-D

Warren, I wasn’t disagreeing with you, quite the contrary. People, listen to what the man said, stay home! If you can’t stay home, be polite, have respect for others & let’s all try to live to see and end to this pandemic.

... apologize for my previous comment to you. I'm so used to having some of the younger people in this rant/comment section making silly comments on articles I choose to comment on that I inadvertently made the assumption that you were one of those people. Again... my apologies... take care and continue to stay safe during this pandemic! ( ... now that I have made my apologies public... I have a feeling the same young person is going to say something about it to stir up drama. That seems to be his purpose & goal on here... but I have decided to ignore the kid ...LOL! He seem to think that he's " Bulletproof " ... which reminds me of a tune I heard while listening to music on YouTube about a year ago...

... give it a listen... it's really good...
(Written and performed by Samantha Fish... a New and Up & coming talent from Kansas city Missouri... she's has Fantastic guitar skills!)

Jeff L, Wed, 07/01/2020 - 06:52

are so cute. this article was about a new dive that we could eat at, and you ruined it. Way to go................btw ear loop masks dont do squat.....

... you are entitled to your opinion... but opinions vary.... and the only thing that could ruin the announcement of ... let's see .... how did you put it.... Ooh ... a New..
"Dive" that we could eat at ( personally I would have called it a New Restaurant instead of a dive) ... the only thing that would ruin it would be if you got hired there as a member of the Yeppers... that would definitely make me loose my appetite! So, if you get a job there in the future... please announce it here in the rant section so I can avoid dining there or ordering take out from there! As far as your comment..."You two are so cute!" ... sorry but I'm not your type and I'm straight...LOL!

Jeff L, Thu, 07/02/2020 - 06:33

I'm sorry if you confused my comment for flirtation. Trust me it wasn't, and if you were old enough you would know what a "dive" was. This being a crab shack, it fits that tag perfectly. As for me working in a restaurant in San Angelo??? Never, I've seen the way people talk to their servers, and how they tip. I would never work in that business here..

...pathetic... I in no way confused your comment as "Flirtatious" you knothead I was ragging on you the same as you did me ... LOL... I commented on an article and you just had to take the opportunity to comment back and give me and Macaroni a hard time and rag on us... and "You" knothead were not involved in the discussion and even if you were ... back in the day ... waaay before you were even a gleam in your mom's eyes... when you called a place that served food a " Dive" the word was used to describe a place that was greasy and the food was terrible. So, you were already giving this New Restaurant a bad review... before it is even open... you knothead! Geeezzz ... you sure have a short memory also... saying "If you were old enough "... lol... I have commented several times that I'm in my 60's... and was born in this town, raised in this town and have never lived anywhere else or... because of that short mental range... you can't remember that... now... go play with your video games kid..LOL!

Jeff L, Sat, 07/04/2020 - 06:52

warren got their peelings hurt. Even resorted to calling names. Now I have you!!! and I'm not a kid. But hey whatever helps that metamucil go down ya old salty fart.

...want to have the last word "Kid" ... and you won't leave it alone. Sorry to bust your bubble but I don't get my feelings hurt by the words of a pathetic agrevateing young person that just wants to aggravate others by making a comment on an article that I made a comment on. You have commented on several articles of interest and I didn't jump in and comment on that short mental range you have ... but you just had to find something I made a comment on and put in your two cents worth ... and your comment had nothing to do with the article ...and the comments that Macaroni Jones and I made did not concern you at all... you just wanted to be agrevateing and agitate someone and you chose me... LoL! I think that's your goal when you get on the rant section is to "stir up drama" just like kids in High school do. So, I came up with a compromise... I suggest you stop making comments on articles I made comments on ... and I will do the same for you because honestly this "tit for tat" back and forth crap is old and not getting either of us anywhere. You leave me alone and I'll leave you alone kid... and we can call a truce to this ... you "snot nose little fart"! :-D

I know nothing about the new restaurant/dive/eating establishment. Idk if masks are the answer, if they keep me safe from you or you from me. What I do know is that I try to be a responsible citizen, do what I can to keep myself & those around me safe & uninflected and I wear a mask. At least I try. I avoid gatherings, protests, church, because I have a mother in her 80’s with quote, underlining health issues. I don’t want you or anyone else giving me this virus, nor do I want to give it to anyone. I am amazed at the number of people who think this virus is a farce. If that’s you, whoever you is, please stay away from me. I don’t think that’s to much to ask. Stay safe!

Mask or not, social distancing or not...horrible service, very rude servers, waiting times ovto er 30 minutes. Servers standing around people standing at door or ask go outside in 100 degrees to wait. Food a disgrace! Don't bother at this one...

... I think I will some day find out for myself. ( Sometimes we all try out something new like a restaurant and have high expectations, and because of those high expectations we subconsciously expect to be disappointed. I have found it best to try out things or a restaurant two or three times before I let my thoughts be known to others, good or bad!) I will say I respect your review... because after all you were there ... I guess! Just a thought so please don't take this comment personally.

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