Governor Abbott Announces Plans to End Business Shutdowns


AUSTIN, TX — In his press conference Friday afternoon, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he was signing an executive order next week that will provide guidelines for businesses to re-open. Many businesses, particularly bars and dining areas of restaurants, have been shut down since March 19 by a previous executive order made by the governor to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“Next week, I will be providing an executive order talking about what can be done in Texas about reopening businesses,” said Abbott. He assured all that the reopening will be accomplished safely and were badly needed for economic revitalization.

“We will focus on protecting lives while restoring livelihoods. We can and we must do this,” he said.

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Abbott’s announcement of his intentions to set guidelines for opening businesses comes on the same afternoon that President Donald Trump said the decision to “open up our country” will be the hardest decision he’s had to make in his life.

“It’s been my honor to be the president of the American people. … I have a big decision coming up and I only hope to God it’s the right decision,” Trump said.

Johns Hopkins University’s COVID-19 tracker reported 496,535 COVID-19 cases and 18,586 deaths nationwide. The Sick Map indicated that 28,790 in the U.S. have recovered from the illness caused by the coronavirus.

In Texas, 11,671 COVID-19 cases had been reported as of Friday, April 10 at 6 p.m. Of those cases, there are 226 fatalities and 1,366 recoveries. COVID-19 cases had been reported in 176 of the 254 counties in Texas with the most, 3,047, in Harris County where Houston is the county seat.

In Tom Green County, with a population of 118,019 people according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the health department has reported 33 total COVID-19 cases and one death. Of the remaining 32 cases, 11 have recovered and only one new case was announced Friday, a woman in her 60s.

Thursday, the Texas Tribune reported that 760,000 Texans had applied for unemployment benefits. That number, accumulated over just four weeks, eclipsed all jobless claims—about 700,000 in all — in Texas in 2019.

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... If the President decides to reopen the country allowing the non-essential businesses to reopen next week, will the Federal government stop and take back the stimulus packages? Hmmm, guess we will see, won't we! :-P

I believe it was in response to one of Ms. Ramirez' columns. The title of my response was "It's Over." It is now very soon to be over. Of course, someone with a serious underlying medical condition will die after the economy reopens and the libs will blame Trump/Abbott/Any Republican. Oh well.

We can get a haircut!!

Sounds like whatever kind of test the Federal government was running on America is about to be over with then because this country didn't grind to complete halt all for a souped up version of the flu, I guarantee you there was some kind of evil test being conducted on Americans.......

FYI it is a worldwide shut down and not just America. Pay no attention to the medical experts listen to your chrome diplomat.

So you guarantee and government conspiracy involving the CV-19 virus as an evil test. Got any evidence to back that BS up? Putz.....
Evidence being factual info, not right wing conspiracy theory.

I wonder if Strzok thinks he's a "good guy?"

I don't know of any evidence that suggests that any "conspiracy" has taken place involving the federal government, but I don't blame Ding-bat for suspecting that some partisan interest or another could, hypothetically, take advantage of the situation for their own benefit. You don't have to be a maven to comprehend the concept of opportunism.

Of course it wasnt for nothing! The feds are buttholes, greedy, and sociopathic at best, but they are incredibly intelligent as a unit and manipulative to boot. If you look into ID2020 and Agenda21, you may very well get the answers you're seeking. I'd use a non government owned search engine also. Not google, bing, or yahoo. I wonder if ol jeeves is still answering questions?

For as long as we will allow it. Let me make a small prediction here. The federal government has been intercepting medical supply orders and seizing inventory from warehouses. Hospital orders a pallet of masks, masks never show up. Call distribution to give them the what for, and find out that FEMA bought them out. Lockdown and shut in orders will be lifted, however it will be illegal to leave your home without a government approved face mask and/or proof of previous cv19 infection and recovery and/or vaccine with the tracker chip. The kicker is that there will be no face masks, and no tests available. The lockdown by proxy will continue until the vaccine is ready, and because you wont be able to find a mask, or have a test for antigens, you will be forced to accept the vaccine to be able to leave your home. I'm not a religious person. I'll never claim to be not expect to be. I am however intrigued by things like clairvoyance and prophecy, and I clearly remember reading a book endeared by many which claimed there will come a time when a mark or a proof would be required to function in society. To buy and sell goods. Attain employment. You would like to know why this happening? Its because those who hold our lives in their hands know better than to let a good disaster go to waste.

Oh! No not me. I meant the prophecies of days past. Most specifically the guy tripping on shrooms or what have you on the isle of patmos. I believe his name was John and he wrote Revelations. Riveting.

If our Governor opens everything up too soon, it could be devastating!!! It's better to be safe than sorry!!!

Unless the church is planning to return tithes, people would probably rather have their jobs back open than church.

I think people should have both: jobs & church. Also, not every church is a 501c3. Some have a pastor that works an actual job, which is rare, but is the case wit this church. Just like Apostle Paul, he mended/made tents for his income while out sharing the Gospel.

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