Coronavirus: Gov. Abbott Waives Penalties for Vehicle Registration


SAN ANTONIO, TX – Governor Greg Abbott has announced that Texas is waiving certain rules relating to vehicle registration, parking placards for persons with disabilities, and titling to aid the state's efforts to combat COVID-19. These suspensions will allow Texans to avoid penalties for failure to timely title or register a vehicle, or renew a parking placard. The waivers fall within the actions the Governor is taking under the State of Disaster he declared last week, and are part of Texas’ efforts to reduce in-person contact among Texans and slow the spread of COVID-19. 

"The State of Texas continues to implement a comprehensive plan to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and that includes strategies to reduce preventable in-person contact," said Governor Abbott. "By suspending these rules, Texans can avoid unnecessary crowds and in-person contact without fear of being penalized. We encourage all Texans to continue practicing social distancing and to take preventative actions to protect their health and the health of those around them."

The Governor will work with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure law enforcement officers throughout the state are aware of these waivers. The Department of Motor Vehicles will also continue to provide registration renewal services online at For additional information, Texans should contact the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles at (888) 368-4689.

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If the Wuhan/Chinese virus is gonna cause this inordinate amount of panic, let's be fair and shut EVERYTHING down. Grocery stores, banks, convenience stores, churches, print media.....shut it all down. Maybe then the fear-ridden segment of our populace will realize how utterly silly this panic is.

Those that fail to take this COVID-19 seriously must be candidates for Darwin's award. The families of those that have died from the CV likely don't think it is utterly silly. Hunker down for 18 months say the experts.

Hey man my uncle died from the flu. He was a good guy and we miss him to this day. I do not know you are but your joke are not funny.

Chapter One

1:1 And lo a prophet of the Virus did appear amongst them saying, "Hark! Ye who do not heed unto fear and trembling in the name of the Virus.
1:2 Ye shall be cast out into quarantine and made to eat naught but olden sushi of expired dates. Ye shall have neither parchment of thine rear nor water of the bottle.
1:3 Ye shall be considered as dead among the living and herded into the camps of FEMA where ye shall not cast a vote until thou givest up the ghost."
1:4 Then did the anointed one raise upon high the sacred sanitizer with which to anoint the heads of the The Gatherers [for thus were they called for they had gathered much hind parchment and water in plastic vessels].

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