H-E-B Shortens Hours Statewide During Coronavirus Scare


SAN ANGELO, TX – In an effort to better serve their customers, H-E-B stores and affiliates, like Joe V’s and Mi Tienda locations, have decided to modify their store hours. This will allow them to better serve their customers and maintain their shelves stocked in a timely manner.

“As H-E-B focuses on serving Texas, shortened hours allow H-E-B Partners to work diligently overnight to fully prepare the store for customers during the day. Today, all H-E-B stores will implement temporary modified hours. Starting 3/15 stores will be open from 8 am-8 pm,” said the chain in a Facebook post.

The store urges customers to remember that “preparation is important, panic is not necessary.” They encourage their customers to be prepared but reminds them there is no need to overbuy. H-E-B stores are receiving products and items daily. 

“We are in this as a community and it’s important to keep calm. Together, we can do our part to #SlowtheSpreadTexas.”

The chain will also implement a change in services to their delis, bakeries and floral departments for the time being. By modifying the services that are offered in these sections employees can focus on providing customers with the items they need. Customers will not be charged for canceled orders due to department closures.

“While we restock our shelves around the clock, much of our restocking and replenishment happens overnight when our stores are closed. This temporary change in store hours will give our Partners extra time to work diligently overnight to better stock our shelves, allowing us to better serve our customers,” said the chain in a statement.

Changes in hours for the following departments:

H-E-B Pharmacies

Starting Monday, March 16, most H-E-B Pharmacies will operate from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. All stores will follow their normal weekend hours.

Restaurant Operations

Restaurants will be temporarily closed so employees can assist customers in stores. 
H-E-B stores remain open but all True Texas BBQ, Flaming Bird, South Flo Pizza, Table 620, 3009, Oaks Crossing and The Roastery Meyerland location will be closed until further notice. 

In-store operations

Customers may see changes and limited services in bakery, deli, and floral departments, as well as our Showtime and Cooking Connection stations. Partners who are typically employed in these areas will temporarily support the store in customer service as well as H-E-B Curbside pickup and Home Delivery operations.

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There may not be a need to stock up but the smart people stock up so they don't have to expose themselves and risk being infected. Those that were bele3iving the COVID-19 was a hoax only have them selves to blame if they failed to take precautions for the coronavirus.

ironic, Mon, 03/16/2020 - 10:27

I am not adverse to people "stocking up" and being prepared for what may be a prolonged period of isolation at home. I have not heard anyone call the virus a hoax either, it exists and that's going to hurt some people, not everyone, but a goodly number of us and I pray everyone comes out the other end healthy. But, can anyone explain to me why the rush on toilet paper?

Trump called it a democrat hoax multiple times. https://tinyurl.com/sz6ss3f Then he declared it a national emergency. Today Trump said it may be August before the CV washes through and setup suggested guidelines. That August about five months by my calculations meaning summer has been cancelled. It is not just toilet it is food and other products. If the situation goes to lock-down then you will first hand knowledge of why they stocked up.

Here is a tip for you tune your TV to something other than FOX News

ironic, Tue, 03/17/2020 - 10:47

SO, the fact that I know ,
"In the wake of the criticism, Trump said at a press conference on Feb. 29 that he used the term “hoax” to refer NOT to coronavirus itself but to Democrats’ criticism of how his administration had responded to it." https://www.factcheck.org/2020/03/trump-and-the-new-hoax/, and as such do not follow blindly the Democratic talking points makes me a Republican who only gets his news from Fox? then you are wrong on both assertions.

Regarding the time scale, 8 months, I think by that the CDC and the government mean done and over with, reduced to a controllable level etc. and that's not outlandish, we allow 6 months for the Flu season, so why would we assume this would be less?
Actual numbers from the WHO, ( 4 hours old), who know a few things about this are: 167,506 infected, 6,606 and 151 countries with the infection. We have a population of 7.5 Billion world wide.
Contagion Live,https://www.contagionlive.com, puts Flu at 15 million cases, 140,000 hospitalizations and 8200 deaths,( thru Jan 29th 2020) , and that's just the USA, with a population of 331 million.
Now, I am certainly not trying to reduce or diminish the serious effects of the COVID virus, and we should all take any and all steps to stay safe. But which one right now looks more serious/dangerous to ALL age groups?
We should all take this virus seriously, as we should all viruses and risks, but we should also have a perspective to go by that hopefully keeps us grounded in facts.

Read around Will, not just MSNBC,CNN or ABC.

Do you every get tired of making excuses for Trump who says one thing but but claims a bit later that he meant something else on a regular basis?

Will, if you're not ashamed of using the cognitively challenged as shock troops ready to create a faux shortage, why should anyone be ashamed of standing with the President when he's assailed on every side by enemies of the American people, and even by the heads of some US intelligence agencies? Where will your partisanship end? How many have to suffer before you admit you were wrong all along?

It's bad enough that, thanks to your camp shipping American manufacturing jobs overseas, (including the Levi's plant which once provided many stable jobs locally,) we have to worry about happenings in China up to and including catching coronavirus when we pick up some imported object, but no doubt the Left also wants to brand every red-blooded American patriot who buys some ammunition for their own self-defense during this scare as some kind of "terrorist" simply for exercising their second amendment rights. If Socrates was still alive he would undoubtedly reassure us, "The only thing you can know for certain is that you know nothing."

Ah yes the made in China excuse, just like all the Trump products including those MAGA hats of which BTW I hear can be used for toilet paper. No one forced Levi's or any of the others to have products made offshore. You can chalk that one up to greed. The news today is prepare for 18 months or more of the pandemic. I do know for certain that I am not the one whining about no toilet paper, that's one you can carry to the bank.

What is there to make an excuse about, Pogue? The Democrats have been caught lying again and again. There are no excuses anymore.

If you're elderly or have young'ins, I would by all means take extra precautions. San Angelo has a significant retiree community, so I can understand the serious concern over the virus given the fact that the MSM is covering this non-stop, and the virus is actually harmful, maybe lethal, if you have an underdeveloped or compromised immune system. Unfortunately one of the manifest dangers of the scare so far isn't the actual virus, but the panic associated with those afraid they may become exposed.

Not to be (overly) sarcastic, but if everyone's going to buy up all of the toilet paper and other basic supplies, they might as well start buying nails and lumber to begin fortifying their dwellings. They may need it after all, even if there's never a single case of coronavirus locally.

I think I am safe however anyone that wants to come and just have at it, after it is over they won't need it. Those that were not wise enough to heed what was going on in other parts of the world or ignored it as fake news didn't get survival supplies, at their own negligence I might add. It is not the fault thinking people that non thinkers are now whining

... comment Will, it's been my experience that those you call ",Thinkers " tend to think to much and over think things. They also have a tendency to be "selfish " and don't have any compassion for others that don't think like they do and often react on impulse... then justify that by thinking they are smarter than others! I feel somewhat ashamed that the general public has reacted without the considerations of their fellow citizens and other family members. It's scandalous and uncalled for. Well, that's my reply to your comment, and I'm stickin to it! Have a wonderful and hot summer!

Lets analyze this over buying by the thinkers. Population one hundred thousand, ten thousand decide they want survival supplies to last a couple of weeks. We have about a dozen stores that carry a large supply, perhaps enough for a couple of hundred people at each store. That's no where enough to supply the population on instant demand. It is like your negligence to watch out for yourself does not create and obligation on the part of those over thinkers that cause you to have skid marks in your drawers.

Why haven't these "thinkers" effectively calculated the effect their actions would have on their neighbors and the economy or the ways that adversely impacting these things will effect themselves? Why haven't they taken into consideration the fact that the coronavirus has so far been less impactful in the States than the flu? It's almost as if the "thinkers," as you call them, are just people who blindly do whatever has been suggested to them without ever critically examining the implications or underlying motives of those making these suggestions and without ever considering contradictory information.

That's fine if we consider ourselves a person of some clout and want to effectively influence others, but if we imagine that we ourselves are a "thinker" for effectively following instructions so completely without question that we don't even realize that "instructions" were given to us, and furthermore label ourselves "thinkers" with a sense of accomplishment, then we are actually something more akin to an implement used by others. A tool with a voice, so to speak...

Why do you think your negligence to look out for yourself is the responsibility of others. Are you incapable of thinking for yourself and need assistance and a crying towel. Man up and and take responsibility for your actions. It is pathetic people whining that those mean old liberals we smart enough to see what was coming. It is not like because you were caught with your pants down you deserve special treatment.

I've dodged many an airborne boomer cane in my lifetime. Yours isn't the first and it won't be the last!! I'll continue wiping with my bare right (handshaking) hand as per usual!! YEET!!

In response to the coronavirus plague I am suggesting a city ordinance that would MANDATE that these young hoodlums GET OFF MY LAWN.


PS: Under no circumstances should the golf course EVER be closed!! I don't care if we get nuked. I have a limited time left before me and whatever entity that rules hell has to duke it out and I'll hit the green in fallout if I have to SO HELP ME...

The comments section is oddly quiet around here. All the hoarders don't have anything to say? Well I do and that's that you're all a bunch of selfish a**holes. You've enacted a self-imposed shortage that is affecting everyone, especially those that can't hop up and run to the grocery store (like the elderly). I hope you feel good about yourself as you Scrooge McDuck it up on your mountain of unnecessarily stockpiled groceries. I hope they don't let you return it when rent comes due April 1st and you need that money back. Bunch of panicked little sheep. All because of a media firestorm over 170,000 infections out of 7.7 BILLION people. Someone correct me if my math is wrong, but that's 0.0024% of the population currently infected. I don't see THAT number printed anywhere in the news. Did any of you even bother to stop and do the math before you waddled your butts as fast as you could to the grocery store to pile your carts up with toilet paper and nonperishable foods? DID YOU? You should be ASHAMED of yourselves and EMBARRASSED at your greed and desire to short others of necessities. And if I turn out to be wrong and this is the "end of the world" virus that isolates us for a long period of time and then kills us all, so be it. You all are proving that maybe, just maybe, WE DESERVE IT because we're idiots and a**holes that don't give two sh*ts about one another.

ironic, Mon, 03/16/2020 - 10:29

They have plenty to say, but unfortunately cant get to the keyboards for the 200 24 packs of 2 ply they have stuffed their front room with. Give them a few weeks to diminish the supply and they will get right back to you!

You apparently neglected to buy survival supplies and you call those that were smart enough to realize that COVID-19 is a serious health threat and bought enough supplies to last a while to enable them to stay in and avoid unnecessary risk to exposure. I doubt that anyone bought more than a months supply, when you have tens of thousand of people buying a product it depletes pretty quickly.

ironic, Mon, 03/16/2020 - 12:58

Apparently, this virus cant get through 3 ply toilet paper!...........no mask, NO PROBLEM!.....so just wrap your head in that and you will be safe, hence the rush on toilet paper!!!...

All these big box stores are making a killing!! Keep the beans and toilet paper flowing sheople(:(:(:

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