Heads Up! San Angelo is Getting an Axe Throwing House


SAN ANGELO, TX – A new recreational business is coming to San Angelo and this one is a little extreme.

According to the Angelo Axe House, in the Spring of 2020, they will be opening their doors in San Angelo. 

The business is modeled after various axe houses in Texas such as the Abilene Axe Company and the Axeholics Hatchet House in Odessa.

The concept is simple, patrons will receive multiple axes after renting a lane with a target on the other end. They can then throw an ax down the lane and onto the target. 

"We are excited to be offering indoor axe throwing to anyone ages 12 and up." said Angelo Axe House. "We promise to provide a bad axe day of fun!"

Axe throwing can be used as a fun activity or a great stress reliever. Either way, hopeful contestants have to be 12 years or old to enter the establishment. 

Angelo Axe House will be located at 2110 W Beauregard Ave at the previous Bar Athletic Club near Mr. Boots. 

Renovation of the building is currently underway as they shoot for a grand opening sometime Spring 2020. 



It will be interesting to see if we see a spike in axe murders after they've had some practice.

I feel led to apply for a Cocealed Axe Permit so that I'm protected when I enter locations that don't permit firearms. Always aim for the crotch an old Comanche once told me.

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