San Angelo's TimeClock Plus Hooks Into Large Vendor of Public Sector Software


SAN ANGELO, TX — TimeClock Plus, a leading workforce management solution provider based in San Angelo, and Superion, LLC, a leading provider of public sector software, announced a partnership this week. Superion will integrate TimeClock Plus’s Service as a Software (SaaS) employee time management features into Superion’s suite of products they sell to government entities such as municipalities.

The Superion solution provides software that manages public sector organizational finances, payroll, and human resources functions. Municipalities, for example, integrate their software to manage financial reporting.

By integrating services from TimeClockPlus, Superion can deliver the ability for public sector organizations to manage complex time and attendance reporting for public sector employees.

The integration allows developers from Superion to tap into TimeClock Plus’s SaaS products via an Application Programming Interface, or API, using hooks into TimeClock’s web application.

Jordy Moorman, President of TimeClock Plus, explained:

“The alliance of TimeClock Plus and Superion is the result of months of hard work and dialog between our two organizations, aligning two of the largest providers in public sector software to offer hundreds if not thousands of cities, counties, and non-profit organizations an unparalleled and seamless HR, Finance, Payroll, Advanced Scheduling, and Workforce Management Solution.

“This partnership effort, spearheaded by TCP's VP of Sales and Marketing Jesse Gunder and TCP’s head of Strategic Alliances Andi Markee, both based in our San Angelo headquarters, has come together remarkably fast for a relationship and integration requiring such a high degree of technical complexity - it couldn’t have happened without very strong teams on both sides.”

Superion’s CCO Kevin Lafeber sees the partnership as an approach to solving complex problems for their customers. "Today, companies must work together to innovate and solve the problems for their customers," said Superion’s Lafeber.

"This is why we are working with TimeClock Plus, to offer a new integrated system that will provide the intelligent real-time information that has become a necessity of doing business," he said.

Moorman concluded, “In a time when budget dollars in municipal governments are stretched thin, we are excited to partner with the Superion team to make life easier by enabling government business to become more efficient for city and county administrators, especially in the areas of compensatory time management, accurate time tracking and reporting, leave and FMLA administration, and public safety employee scheduling.”


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