Lotus Cafe Gives Immigrant a Chance at the American Dream

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by Lauren Lopez

Dec 27, 2013

The Lotus Cafe will include this dish on its expanded menu after opening in the Spring (Photo Courtesy of Toro Vaun)
The Lotus Cafe will include this dish on its expanded menu after opening in the Spring (Photo Courtesy of Toro Vaun)
In Brief: 
  • San Angelo will see another new business in 2014
  • Toro Vaun will open Lotus Cafe at the old Quiznos location on Knickerbocker Road
  • Lotus Cafe will offer beverages along with a food menu

Toro Vaun is continuing his quest for the American dream with his next business venture. 

“I have learned that there are hard times as well as the good times,” Vaun said of making his dreams come true. 

After immigrating from Cambodia to the United States in 1993, Vaun has helped his family with their donut shops. His brother has owned DK donuts in Orange County for the past 30 years and his sister owns Lindsey’s Donuts in Ballinger, as well as Campus Donuts here in San Angelo. 

Vaun’s new business, Lotus Cafe, will be located in Southwest Plaza at the previous Quiznos location. 

Vaun, who formerly owned the Library Cafe, said Lotus will start out by first offering beverages and will later include food dishes on the menu. 

“It is going to be something unique for San Angelo,” Vaun said. 

The cafe will serve Big Train products which include iced coffees and frappes along with a selection of hot teas. Vaun also said he will serve DeCoty coffee. 

“It proves to be the best and everyone loves it. It is the coffee of the community,” Vaun said of Decoty’s coffee. 

The menu will also include items previously served at the Library Cafe, such as croissant sandwiches and chicken salad. Vaun plans on adding other Asian dishes to the menu as the cafe grows. 

“It is a small location but the size of the building doesn’t matter--it is the size of our hearts,” Vaun said about the intentions behind his business. 

Vaun, who is an artist and aspiring film maker, said opening a cafe in San Angelo is about serving the community. 

“To give a cup of coffee and to offer a smile to another person is all I want to do,” he said. 

Vaun said, “A place is just a place, but it is the people that make it.”

He said the atmosphere is going to be clean, simple and cozy.

“It will offer a place for people to come enjoy the product and feel at home, as well as experience one another,” Vaun said. 

“It is going to bring something fun to San Angelo too,” Vaun said in regards to the tapioca products he will serve. 

“Bubble tea is popular all over the world and now it will be in San Angelo,” Vaun said. 

Vaun’s business gives him an opportunity to live the American dream. 

“To be able to serve people through my art and my service is a blessing for me,” Vaun said. 

The Lotus Cafe is projected to open in early Spring. Look out for the opening at 3524 Knickerbocker Road San Angelo, TX 76904.