Criminal Caught After Running Striptease

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by Chelsea Reinhard

Nov 22, 2013

A San Angelo man was arrested on Monday after a brief foot chase. (Photo courtesy of SAPD)
A San Angelo man was arrested on Monday after a brief foot chase. (Photo courtesy of SAPD)

A shady character hanging around Silver Sweeps at 1642 S Chadbourne on Thursday was apprehended after a brief foot race that ended in a residence laundry room.

Police were dispatched to Silver Sweeps at approximately 5:50 p.m., where Officer J. Hernandez noticed a man matching the description exiting the building. The male was identified by a witness as 21-year-old Randy Sutton, a young man with a history of evading arrest.

As Officer Hernandez approached Sutton, he began speed walking in the opposite direction. Sutton was directed to stop by the Officer, who needed to speak with him in order to investigate the possible criminal trespass issue, but Sutton was feeling a bit light on his feet and instead took off in full gallop with the Officer at his heels.

In an attempt to hide his identity, Sutton began stripping himself of some of his clothes. But he was too late. Officer Hernandez had witnessed the young man’s impromptu burlesque show, and seen as he entered a residence in the 0 block alley of W Avenue M.

An entry team was composed to safely enter the residence and apprehend the suspect, and Sutton was found in the home’s laundry room.

Sutton was taken into custody and arrested for Evading Arrest and/or Detention from a Peace Officer.  This offense was enhanced to a State Jail Felony as a result of Sutton having had two prior convictions for the same offense.  Sutton was also given a criminal Trespass Warning from Silver Sweeps.